Date: 15th August 2007 at 12:42pm
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Martin O’Neill has told the Birmingham Mail, in an article by Bill Howell, that he simply refused to be held to ‘ransom’ but says there is no desperation because, and I quote:

‘We will have the players in by the end of the month. It’s as simple as that.’

I know we’ve got fed up with the promises but that certainly looks like confidence and I guess, now we’ve waited this long, we may just as well hope and pray that at least 2-3 join us before August 31st, then we COULD push for Europe, although I’d still like to see a 20 goal a season striker in, I don’t think any of ours will be able weigh in that heavily with goals – lets hope they prove that theory wrong!

The Villa boss further explained: ‘It’s been that sort of summer, but ever since the TV money came in everybody was pretty aware that TV money equals higher prices. I’ve said before that there is no desperation from me.’

He also admits we need a few defenders, especially a ‘recognised full-back’.

He also says if he can’t get his first choices in he has a number of alternatives.

So there you have it, fingers crossed and all that jazz!


57 Replies to “O’Neill Pledges Player Arrivals”

  • Fills me with fear that statement. Basically saying, I will try for about another 2 weeks to get the players I want and if all else fails I’ll fill the squad with more Harewoods!

  • Left it right to the last moment again. The Celtic fans who said he was like this, have been proven to be so right. Poor managment of the transfer window. If you were a player would you want to join a team with no points at the end of August because that is the position we are going to find ourselves in. What a joke, the man can motivate but he can’t handle the window.

  • Spend the money MON. Lerner has given you a significant budget and that has been publicised so prices are obviously going to be inflated. We should be buying the players you want not the damn alternatives.

  • Deano that tells me something far worse than that, Harewood WAS a first choice option, imagine what the backup to him is….

  • And to make matters worse it seem we now have two want away goalkeepers if various reports are to be believed. The team is not strong enough and, if things stay as they are, then with a couple of injuries in the defence we will end up with no midfield.
    If as MON claims the right players are available then for goodness sake buy them, whatever the cost. Providing, that is, the money promised is available.

  • Yeah, wish we’d bought like Spurs, then we would have spent £47m and still be sat at the bottom of the league…….Listen to Roy Keane, he has had players wives stopping them from ringing him back because there is no shopping or social hangouts in Sunderland, Birmingham isn’t any better. This is why the transfer window has been s**te……if they don’t want to come, they won’t…..WAGs wear the trousers now I’m afraid…players will be hard to come by, you can’t just spend £12m and make them come and play……its getting very frustrating……

  • We will know the answer by 31 August about the skill of MON’s transfer dealings. I am concerned, but I do find MON’s comments reassuring. We MUST trust that he knows what he is doing. There are very few players who have been transfered to date who we could have realistically gone for that I was disappointed we didn’t get.
    My arguement is that we shouldn’t have sold Hughes, Davis or Ridgewell UNTIL we had replacements in.
    By the way, well done to Roy Keane on his excellent comments about London and WAGS

  • RE: The Roy Keane comments: Would anyone here want to go and live in Sunderland??? It is only an improvement if you are a Scotsman (Craig Gordon.) Birmingham isin the centre of the Country, and has got to be far better.

  • OOOOH I’m goona use that against him, a direct quote guaranteeing some sort of activity in the old dormant window. The nagain, i would be even more disappointed to wait and wait as we have and see some *****ty bloke in, hopefully this wait for quality will be just that and pay off

  • Villa’s fans are so sceptical…
    Try to imagine the situation, that you are the manager, you have significant budget, so you HAVE to HAVE an exact PLAN to sell your players and to have PLANNED BETTER replacement for them. Otherwise, you HAVE NOT to sell players…or if so you must be MAD 🙂
    I trust in MON. Do not be sceptical.

  • old record however…………..all we want is to be proven wrong. Proof is the key word, we have sighed 2 players and one on loan. MON has had since May to sort this out, it was wrong to let Ridgewell and Hughes leave before replacements defenders were in VIlla shirts. Petrov is proving to be an engima(ie he hasnt delievred), the Maloney rumours continue, Moore isnt even in the frame (despite an unwell Carew at the weekend). All of the above doesnt exactly fill me with confidence…..I fear the worse and hope I am wrong.

  • what i don’t get, is in one of his recent interviews MON said that he had sold a “couple of players” and this had freed up some cash to bring in a few. That is worrying. Why would he need money ffs, what happened to randys millions? did anyone else read this because it confused the bjizzle out of me.

  • Damage has been done.
    We should now be looking to add the icing on the cake not still looking to find the ingredients
    Every other club that can has we must stick to the O’Neill tried and tested philosophy that has failed and failed and failed, ask any Leicester, Celtic fan or read the recent excellent Guardian article.

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