Date: 13th November 2009 at 5:00pm
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Martin O’Neill has admitted his surprise at Luke Young’s international retirement but insists it’s a matter for the player.

I must admit it was a strangely timed decision publicly given that he had just been called up, and Lukey is young enough to have played for the foreseeable future if he made his mark. However given Glen Johnson is the favourite you have to wonder if Luke thought he was merely a stop gap and would be out on his ear again afterwards?

If that was his train of thought it makes a certain sense, but after his performances out of position last season, it would’ve been nice to see him stake a real claim for the right back spot.

Anyhoo, speaking on the official site, the boss explained:

‘Am I glad? No, not really. He is still very young but ultimately I accept his decision. At the end of the day, it’s his decision.’

Explaining that whilst respecting Luke’s decision, it’s not one he would’ve taken himself, Monny adds:

‘My own personal view is that you should try to keep going for as long as you can – both at club level and international.’

It’s unlikely Luke will change his mind here which is a shame, but at least it means he’ll stay fit and uninjured for us.

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