Date: 2nd May 2009 at 2:32pm
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Martin O’Neill says that Villa fans would have accepted 5th and Europe at the start of the season but having flirted with the top four he feels disappointment from fans.

Not to go over old ground but surely if he had taken the UEFA seriously this year AND we’d finished 5th and were in Europe again, there wouldn’t be the disappointment?

O’Neill said: ‘I think almost having qualified again for Europe has been overlooked. Because we flirted with the top four for a couple of weeks, people have had a bit of false expectation.’

He qualifies that by saying ‘You realise the calibre of team we are up against when you see them contesting the quarter-finals and semi-finals of the Champions League each year – and you see the calibre of player those top four clubs possess.’ (which is difficult to argue with really!!!) ‘It is not just the individual player, because we have a number here that would grace any team, but it is the size of the squad. But we are going to qualify for Europe this season again and, in terms of development, I think the players have done brilliantly.’

He also says along with Fulham Villa have used the fewest players and there is tiredness now creeping in. He has given the midfielders an extra day off this week to rest.

The Villa boss also points to our poor home record as the major problem this season but strangely says it hasn’t been form, it has been bad luck?

Talking to the official site he explained: ‘During the course of the season, we didn’t pick up enough points at home. At the start of the current campaign, you’d have thought that was unlikely. We have won more than our fair share of matches away from home and that speaks volumes for the team. We are not frightened of going to any arena and doing well. Therefore, we have won a significant number of games on the road.’

Adding, ‘My own view is that we have been unlucky in a few home games. There have been matches we should have won but we drew. I’m particularly thinking about the games against Wigan, Stoke and Fulham. We should have had six extra points. They are very important at the end of the season.

‘From that viewpoint, I think we can improve our home form next season. Some people, cynically, will say – that’s not too difficult.’

Happy to say there is no blame towards the fans this time though as he says the atmosphere has been ‘fantastic – really brilliant.’ And assures us the team do love playing at home ‘The fans have come to watch us in their droves and they have stayed with us. They have been brilliant.’

One could almost say terrific…!? :o)


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  • The thing about qualifying for euro league is the way we treated it this season if money is short next season a lot of fans probably will choose premier games and it’s well justified too.

  • I used to enjoy the lively debates on this site, but the continual anti MON rhetoric is ruining it. Villan Of the North, you say ‘we’, but by that i assume you mean the minority of fickle whingers not the die hard fans. If you went to away games you’d reailse that there is not the same sentiment amongst the true villa fans as there is on these boards, which was illustrated by the chanting of Martin O’Neills name for for nearly the whole of half time downstairs at Bolton last week.

  • Jesus. Pint half full or pint half empty? Me, I’ve empties quite a few pints. Up the villa and up the MON.

  • BTW, I now expect to be shot down by some negative comments from negative people……………………..ah well god loves a trier!

  • Amazing! I’m fickle and negative because I am *****ed off at MON throwing away our first European campaign for years? Personally I’d call that the behavior of a fan of the club rather than a fan of the manager. As I said, I’d accept 10th place if I could see that MON and the players had done all they could to uphold the traditions of the club by trying their best in all competitions. As it is he ended up treating the UEFA Cup with disdain in order to pursue the Holy Grail of 4th place. Of course I want CL footy but I’d rather have a European trophy in the cabinet than qualification for a competition we are not yet ready for and no chance of winning. I know we might have lost in Moscow anyway and if we had progressed may have been knocked out in the next round but as it is we will never know as we capitulated. In my opinion that was disgraceful. And for those of you that think I’m negative, I’ve always been pretty optimistic and am happy we have MON…..for now.

  • the problem is that getting into the top four is one thing, finishing there is practically impossible, MartinOhNo decided that this could be Villas only chance of finishing in the top 4 and decided to gamble on sacrificing uefa cup for this one chance, if he had succeeded you would all be hailing him as a god, but the plan backfired,i think that was your one and only chance because as you may get stronger the strength of Arsenal and Liverpool will also grow, your only hope is if chelsea’s ageing team doesnt perform well with its new manager

  • I’m not having a go either but just frustrated at the odd comment when on the whole it has been a good season for us. I agree about the Moscow fiasco but we are not the manager and MON made that call. We certainly will live to fight another day! Of course I love to support our club through whatever and its not blind support, just me being optimistic and having faith. VOTN, you made a good comment there re plaudits. However, isn’t that life anyways that you take the rough with the smooth but always hold your head up high and stick by your decisions and by that you are a man of you convictions. Not so much a rant but just a mellow discussion.

  • Nothing at all with how I worded the article gm, it is getting to the point where nothing can be said at all about MON without being lambasted! It wasn’t a snipe at all. It quite clearly says he has said the atmosphere has been fantastic etc if I was wanting to snipe I’d not have put down the positive quotes from the manager. Come on, jeez, give some license will you!?!?!? He has said positive things but a few times this year a few negative, he’s human like the rest of us and sometimes has a moan and other times gives praise. You don’t need to read too much into my comments, there are no hidden meanings there! :o)

  • Yes he made a mistake with europe for god sake move on and support the best manager we have had in the last 10 to 15 Years. UP THE VILLA.

  • My support for the team I love isn’t in question steve, I’ve been going 30 odd years and at least 20 as a season ticket holder. I do nothing not to support them when down there. That doesn’t mean I have to move on from anything, it is part of the season and up for discussion. I think we’ve had other managers just as good, we’ve just not had owners able to back them. MON has the backing of the fans (even those who dare question some of his decisions from time to time, I’ve only seen a very very few say they wish he’d leave, less than 1% I’d say.. much less) as do the players (apart from the silly booing which again I’d like to think is only a minority.

  • Everyone (or 95% of fans anyway) doesn’t want MON to go but a lot are disappointed mainly due to our awful results since we went out of the UEFA cup. All it would take IMHO is for him to come out and say that he feels the same way and to assure the fans that he has learnt from this years exploits both in the top 4 and in Europe. And that he knows what needs to be done and is working on it etc. This is a results business and the last 3 months would have seen many other Chairmen get rid of their manager, its just that a bit of reassurance, not excuse making and talking up other teams would have been the best way to go about it.

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