Date: 10th April 2010 at 9:49pm
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Ok fair enough Monny doesn’t write the official site reactions, he just provides the quotes for the verdict but it’s very telling the opening line is about the two red cards.

O’Neill describes them as ‘incontestable’ and I fully agree, the penalty and John Terry’s ‘tackle’ on Milner were straight reds in my mind. It’s impossible to say otherwise in reality.

The penalty was as clear cut as you can get, NOBODY in that position would fall when all it takes is a touch for the ball to be in the back of the net, and as for the Terry tackle it matters not if he got a hairs breath on the ball first, what matters is the studs were impossibly high, the follow through was as clear as day and well let’s face it, had any of our players done that they’d be done and given an extra ban for dangerous play.

So I agree, Chelsea should’ve been down to 9 men and I agree we should’ve been 1-0 up. But I really don’t think it matters, Chelsea would’ve still battered us in the second half because whilst Monny hides behind refereeing decisions yet again at a Wembley appearance, the bottom line is we weren’t good enough to win and he wasn’t good enough to make changes to help us win.

I don’t see any red cards changing that.

‘I am sitting here again, six weeks on, and talking about major incidents in the game.’

I’m sitting here 18 months on questioning why we don’t have a plan B. Why we don’t use the squad Monny has paid good money for. Why we don’t make substitutions to attempt to change a game or at the very least provide fresh impetus when it’s clear ‘the favourites’ are as knackered as feck.

I’m sitting here wondering why we are still as predictable as a period.

He follows that line by saying:

‘We should have had a penalty – it was clear cut. The referee has chosen to ignore it because of possible consequences.’

I agree…but would it have changed things? Our goal lead against Utd didn’t. Because over 90 minutes we weren’t good enough. What’s different today? Over 90 minutes Chelsea took the best we could give, and then waited till we tired and stuffed us by three.

A penalty wouldn’t have made a difference. I doubt a sending off would’ve. Against the top sides we’ve already seen how a sending off works in our favour. It doesn’t, we are even more inept at breaking down a team who defend with 10 men than we are when there are 11 players on the pitch.

Monny then babbles a bit about Ferguson:

‘SirAlexFerguson said a few weeks ago that he couldn’t understand how, having been awarded a penalty kick, Vidic managed to stay on the pitch.’

What has that to do with today unless we really want to go down the conspiracy route and totally ignore the fact we weren’t good enough?

Where’s the honesty? I doubt Collins will even get close to having to remove his Twitter page tonight.

As for the Milner challenge, O’Neill describes it as ‘horrendous’ again I agree.

‘The referee is right beside it and chooses to give him a yellow card. I was a horrendous challenge.’

Absolutely spot on. Maybe it’s all you should expect from Terry thesedays with his ‘personal issues’ and the wider family problems he seems to have who would normally be his ‘role models’ but again what baring on the result does it really have.

Where are the comments about being 1-0 behind and bringing on the one striker in human history you can guarantee will not score?

Where are the comments about not making subs despite the fact it’s clear certain players like normal, have lost their legs and Chelsea were cutting through them – despite their best efforts.

Where is the important stuff, as opposed to the emotional flaring, PR friendly conspiracy BS that in reality has nothing to do with why we lost?

Maybe I expect too much…maybe I just don’t fall for it anymore?

This is our best season ever apparently. We haven’t had as good a squad in 20 odd years apparently. O’Neill is the best manager we can get apparently.

Flame me, I disagree.

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