Date: 28th February 2010 at 12:46pm
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Martin O’Neill has rubbished rumours linking him with the Man U job when SirAlex finally retires, saying it would be an impossible job.

Speaking to SSN in what really is a non story, especially for today, O’Neill said he’d never even thought about the United job, not even during his time at Celtic.

He adds to follow Fergie would be ‘an impossible job’ and goes on to talk about how many times United have won the league, and the fact that whoever follows him into the United hotseat will simply be unable to immediately match the success the club are used to.

There is however a small relevance for today, even if it’s only in my twisted head. O’Neill for a start obviously brings the chat back round to success for Villa, saying:

‘I really enjoy my job here, for us to win a couple of competitions in the next couple of seasons is what it is all about. To qualify for the Champions League, that sort of thing.’

Is what’s important to him, not another spurious link to the Man U job when Fergie finally collects his bus pass and retires. BUT the line that caught me and makes all of this worthwhile, is the simple little comment of:

‘Sir Alex Ferguson will decide, I would reckon probably in the year 2033, when he feels the Champions League has passed him by one last time. I will have departed this earth long before him.’

Ignoring the fact it made me giggle and gave me visions of rednose battling on with his head in a glass bowl on a hostess trolley by the touchline whilst the rest of us live in either Star Trek Utopia or a post apocalyptic society, given Fergie likes his mind games I particularly liked the ‘Champions League has passed him by one last time.’

Is the wee man saying Fergie’s losing his touch?

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