Date: 4th January 2007 at 4:55pm
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Martin O’Neill has explained the Lee Hendrie situation on Sky Sports. He told them of the Villa midfielder who recently returned from a loan spell at the Potters:

‘Obviously I think Stoke would want him to come back but I want to speak to Lee. Last week he was in getting treatment and I spoke to him for a moment or two. But I’d rather have a more lengthy conversation. He is match fit and I’m sure that Lee’s heart is at Aston Villa. If he thought that there was an opportunity to try and get back in the side then I’m sure he would to try and have a go.’

Adding: ‘He has six months left on his contract, he has got his testimonial – not that that is having any bearing on his decision whatsoever – and ideally it would be great for him to be at Aston Villa when his testimonial comes around.’

Lee said last week: “I don’t know what’s happening at the moment but I’ve enjoyed my spell at Stoke and would love to stay here. There is talk about another loan until the end of the season and there has also been interest from one or two others. The Stoke supporters have been amazing. They deserve a lot of credit for helping the team put together a great run.”


17 Replies to “O’Neill To Talk With Lee Hendrie”

  • he would be great for us if we never had the money at the moment with the team doing so well he may take up craig gardeners postiion as he is injured

  • One of those players that really splits the views of Villa fans, I’m surprised he hasn’t been in the team this season due to the lack of depth but it is fairly obvious he isn’t in the long term plans now surely?

  • Unless out of the blue he gets a chance on the pitch and starts to play like we know he can, and consistently, I know he has had sooo many chances, but he hasn’t had his chance under MON, but I agree it does not look like a new contract will be offered, time will tell

  • If he played he would give his all to secure a 12 month extention.
    I notice MON spoke to him in the treatment room…… that cant be good can it….. If he is Match fit give him a match, he would do one of two things, be brilliant of get sent off after 30 mins theres no half measurers with Lee H.

  • I wouldn’t offer him a new deal mackaavfc, and I dont think that there’s any way that that thought would be on MON’s mind. Lee is past history as far as AVFC is concerned, its just a matter now I would imagine as to whether or not we keep him until the summer just in case his services are temporarily required, or whether we move him out the door right now, knowing that a replacement is arriving before the 31st January midnight deadline.

  • Hendrie’s had more than enough chances and in my opinion has very badly let down at least 3 managers. The guy is a “lush” and represents everything distasteful about modern footballers. So keep him away from Villa Park and arrange for his testimonial at Bescot where the reserves play. Perhaps that would set the standard of what we expect from the new crop of talent starting to come thro’ the ranks.

  • Would certainly do MON a favour to “draw a line in the sand” lets everyone know whats expected, the times they are a changing. UTV

  • I saw a white van in the players car park before the Chelsea game and thought ‘Pikey’ Hendrie must be playing!!

  • I can’t believe that O’Neil has put the Jumper Twins in ahead of Hendrie for Sunday’s game (according to the BBC football site)!! That is an f’ing disgrace if it’s true!

  • Could be that he has seen Hendrie play at Stoke and wants to see what the jumper twins can do, but I would not put anystore in rumours of line up, would he realy state his starting 11 this far ahead of the match? I think not.

  • Seems like Stoke want him back for the rest of the season. Thats the route he should take.

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