Date: 10th February 2007 at 5:42pm
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Martin O’Neill said after the 2-0 loss to Reading today:

‘We were beaten, but I’m still pretty upbeat.’

Adding on the official site: ‘After the Newcastle game, this was almost a case of déjà vu. We played some good stuff, but didn’t get the result. There’s no doubt that the first half hour, barring a chance we should have taken, belonged to Reading. They caused us problems from set-pieces. But we gradually came into it in the last 15 minutes of the first-half and I felt on the whole we bossed it after half-time. We played well and had some decent chances, but the ball just wouldn’t sit for us at the right moment.’

‘I just feel at the moment that we’re not getting the results on the road, but the performances have been pretty good. I thought we had some really great chances – on another day Gabby would have headed in before half-time – but the goal just wouldn’t come for us. But we have created chances, we look to be a threat and I thought Maloney added to that threat for us today. Overall, we were beaten, but I’m still pretty upbeat.’

Victorious boss Steve Coppell – the sort of man who SHOULD be in charge of England, told Sky Prem Plus after the game: ‘It was very pleasing, in the first half an hour we were terrific. With not getting the second goal I thought we may have missed the boat, they started coming into it and had some decent half-opportunities. The second half was a reflection of the pitch, a lot of passes went awry and it was bitty on occasion. I still felt we did just enough to get the win. The second goal was a terrific goal to get the points.’


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  • Again the rub of the green is not there.The deflection of Bardsley for the first goal and the cutting edge up front hesitant.A draw would have been a fairer result as both teams had very good opportunities and I thought we deserved something. At least we are more of a threat and Maloney looks like a livewire.Gav looked great just a shame we did not get stuck in earlier in the first half.

  • remember transitional period…remember transitional period…
    does anyone else think that there is something about the way we play that is just predominately negative, slow and awkward – every time we score a goal it seems to be more through good luck than anything else. there always seems to be a huge gulf between our midfield and our attack – it’s like we expected Carew to take on the entire Reading defence.
    and finally…what the hell is going on with Petrov?
    I do hate to moan. There certainly were certainly a fair few positives today – especially Maloney.

  • I know we are in a transitional period. I know there are new players still working out how to play together. I know we will get it right eventually. But I’m so sick of losing.

  • was it me? am i being over critical or was that performance a load of poo???…….GB was slaughtered in the first half……he’s a midfielder not a full back…..the midfield was woeful……kept giving the ball away…..NEGATIVES, SORENSON…allthough chasing the game a costly mistake…PETROV…didnt do a lot…GABBY…invisible, no need for a shower…GARETH…as stated…BARDSLEY…is there a full back anywhere that can cross a ball?? and a shocking clearance after Sorensons cock up…McCANN…gave the ball away, not strong enough in the tackle…POSITIVES…MALONEY,CAREW and allthough he missed a couple of sitters, ASHLEY…..the rest not sure…..theres a long way to go yet before we are going to mix it with the ‘big’ boys…but with MON and RANDY it will come i’m sure….KEEP THE FAITH…

  • We still have an element of doggedness and determination about us which was missing last year, but this is truly a transitional season for us, and the fact is simple, if these players aren’t performing they will eventually be turfed out, look at Juan Pablo for instance, not even in the squad! MON has lots of bad habits to get rid of within this Villa team.
    My gut instinct is that Petrov needs to settle and we’ll see him at his best next season, Barry was surprising, as he’s normally reliable at left back. I still think we are doing better than last season, under the previous manager and staff we would have been in a worse position than this, I still have faith in O’Neill, and I know he’ll get it right….

  • Any idea why Tommy has 58% of the vote for best goalie??!!! He is an ok keeper but drops too many clangers and was at fault for 2nd goal today by flapping again! Has to be Bossie or Spinksy for me!

  • surely he has to start giving davis a run over petrov. Petrov has done nothing for us. I’m all for giving chances, and thats why i am going to assume that he is one for next season. With regards to the way we play, i definatley think we bypass the midfield to much, (which probably doesn’t help Petrov), we are far to direct. I think we can play on the counter attack, but sometimes we have to try to keep the ball for a bit and give the defenders a rest, the defence is put under so much pressure because of our play

  • i was just thinking the same think Rickymeister, this has been Sorensens best season, but every other year i’ ve wanted a new keeper. I think Bosnich was our best that i can remember, Rimmer and Cumbes are before my time. Maybe people don’t like Bosnich because he left us for Man U

  • This season was always going to be about consolidation, the takeover happened to late in the day for Lerner/MON to change to much. The one thing that really pleased me today was Carew, Young, Bardsley, Cahill, Gabby – in fact nearly the entire team showed frustration. Young and Carew especially when it spilled onto the pitch in the last 20 mins – for the first time in a long time I saw players taking defeat, or staring down the barrel of defeat personally! THEY CARED ABOUT LOSING FOR ONCE! Young was gutted when he came off and he got kicked around the park for 75 minutes but kept getting up and working his socks off. Carew the same, uterly frustrated by Bikey – but I noticed at the final whistle Carew went straight to Bikey and shook his hand out of respect for the game he played. For the first time our players really looked like they took the result personally – how long has it been since we saw a collective display of disapointment and hurt from our players? This is the one big positive I noticed from today. Silly mistakes apart, like sitting to deep, not reading runs or positional play from Reading, not matching them physically, waiting 30 mins for a hard tackle etc etc etc??? All the things that were drummed into the majority of us from the age of 6 playing sunday league. My old man always used to say to me, ‘if your man is better than you or quicker than you, and he takes the ***** and makes you feel silly….NEXT TIME CLATTER HIM HARD !!! Because he will think twicwe before he does it again! This is so true, but again today we were never imposing enough or looked tough enough to intimidate Reading today. We allowed them to come at us and intimidate us! I want to see an intimidating team, pumped up, ready, never say die mentality – especially on the road!!!

  • Same old problem not being able to buy a goal away from VP. I hope this ends soon i.m bored of the everlasting poor away form that seemed to start when chump o’leary was here.

  • Have to agree with Stig – Reading basically bossed it. From the first minute it was pretty clear we’d be hard pushed to get something out of it.

  • now that we have more of a team we are expeceted to win every match? reading have a real hard working ethic and a never say die mentality. sidwell owned the midfield (no wonder MON is after him) and the new guys have to get use to our system. yeah we have no midfield solidness really and smiler needs support. at least this nu generation of villa players give a ***** on loosing!

  • No team in the EPL (including Man U, Chelsea etc etc) has a divne right to win every game. O’Neill can instill the principles that will turn us into a better team, and that’s what we’ve always been lacking. I’ll say that Villa never give up anymore, but we need to start taking the initiative and stop chasing games, i’m sure this will happen but it’s going to take more than one season to do it.

  • Our away form has been poor since Gregory’s season where he threw in the towel. Taylor could never win away from home, and under O’Leary we were a total shambles. 5-2 to Bolton, 5-0 to Spurs, 4-1 to Everton, 3-0 to Doncaster Rovers, 4-0 to West Ham……..the list goes on….

  • The spine of the team is weak. A commanding centre half is needed. Petrov and McCann will only get you so far. Petrov’s attitude is nothing short of despicable.

  • We seem to have adopted the long ball to jc. In the time the players have off they may want to play some one touch. Having said that it was nice to see the team battle instead of folding. It is also a shame that as tommy s came into form and started to look solid (about time) he became injured. Hope he finds his previous form for the rest of the season. UTV.

  • how can he be upbeat were just not good enough, barry got skinned every time by a no hoper we were p*ss poor and had to chase the game once again. just be happy to survive this season

  • I suppose on another day we could have had a few goals with better finishing, Carew still looks the goods and Young although missing a couple of chances… at least those chances were made by a team playing better football.

  • i think we will see more of what mon and rl are going to achieve by the middle of next season when we get the REAL mon team because hes still having to play with a lot of o’drearys mistakes

  • Five successive away defeats in the premiership (not forgetting the F.A. Cup exit), and only one away win all season. Not good enough. I really thought we’d get something yesterday, and was disappointed that we didn’t.

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