Date: 13th February 2007 at 3:31pm
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Martin O’Neill says that Villa have got striker John Carew at the right time saying he should be at the peak of his career for the Villa.

O’Neill told the Birmingham Mail: “Carew is better than a decent player. If he can stay fit, he will be a decent acquisition to us and I have been very encouraged in the three games so far. It is very early but the crowd have taken to him. He is 27 and I don’t see why he should not be reaching his peak at Aston Villa.’

Adding of the Hulk: “Villa have had some fabulous centre-forwards over the years without a doubt. I think back to my friend Peter Withe, whom I played with at Nottingham Forest, and he was one of them. If John does half as well as Peter Withe, I’ll be happy.

“The good thing is that during the last three games, we have looked capable of scoring.”

And despite being able to swap him with Milan Baros, O’Neill says he was after Carew anyway:

“I would have wanted to do the deal for John even if we could not have swapped Milan for him. But when the swap was suggested everybody thought it was good for both clubs, both managers and both players. If John stays clear of serious injury, he will be a real player for us.”

Be great if he can emulate the big man Peter Withe, just needs over 20 league goals in a season and a famous shin to do so, easy!


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  • Have been really impressed by the big man – he has a eye for goal, his ball retention, awareness of play and team mates, ability in the air and (contrary to reports from Lyon) his movement off the ball is/has been superb! The big man is so unique he can play alongside any of our young strikers be it Young/Moore/Gabby/Maloney. Carew and Young already seem to have some of that ‘telepathy’ the Withe/Shaw partnership had. Would love to see what he’d be like playing in a 4-3-3 with any of the above, or, alongside Moore or Gabby….

  • *****! looking at that Villa top ? it makes me realise how well they were made back then. I went to Villa Village today to try and get a gift for someone and the general standard and finished quality of some of the garments was dreadfull. Ended up getting a DVD.

  • Agreed with you saurat… I think we should give him a few boo’s just to make him book his ideas up, I mean one goal in 3 games!!

  • Hoss, people like you that boo are a disgrace! You should be ashamed of yourself for having your own mind! How dare ya 😉

  • Sptifire, I know what you mean. I go for the retro kits but the workmanship is very poor. The stitching is that poor you have to look through the tops as no 2 are the same. Can’t stand the advertising logo on the new stuff and to be honest none of the new stuff has grabbed my fancy anyway. Maybe Nike will change that!

  • Looking forward to a long and happy Villa career for John Carew. It`s just worrying when the manager says “if he stays clear of injury ?”

  • Is jpa’s villa career ended or would JC give him a new lease of life. We would be predictable if we just played ash up front with him every game. ON the bench against reading we had two defenders, would another forward have been better. I dont question mon, but if I dont understand something, it is maybe worth a mention. UTV.

  • Strewth! That picture of Gary and Withey bring back some great memories! I’m misting up here. We’ve got to get some tribute to the whole team going…. SOON!

  • I commented at St James Park about fifteen minutes into the game, that JC looked the closest striker we’ve ever had to Peter Withe. He’s the type of all-action forward we’ve needed for years. JC, its all up to you. You can go on to become a VP legend. Good Luck to you.

  • His initials are JC. Which is appropriate as the boo boys will crucify him as soon as he misses a couple of chances. OOOOppps, sorry I forgot that the boo boys were officially denounced as being detrimental to the team. Time will tell if that message got home.

  • Aaarrggh well VOH, we will have to save the boo’s until he ‘DESERVES’ them. I think some people on this forum think that the occassional booer just can’t wait ti do it. If that was the case for lack of effort and application I would boo the people that sold the pies! 😉 my word, is it that hard to smile and look like you give a ***** while someone hands over £3 for some crap food. And what is: dat will b free pownd do! in english I think it is: ‘that my friend is £3 of your best english pounds don’t you know’. I’ve lost it now 😉

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