Date: 19th January 2007 at 2:22pm
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Martin O’Neill has updated the situation on transfer target Ashley Young after speaking with the player briefly.

Villa agreed a fee for the England Under-21 international last night and Martin O’Neill believes the player is ‘pretty keen’ about the move to Villa Park.

The Villa boss said: ‘He’s a player I’ve seen quite a lot of and obviously I admire his ability. So I would like the opportunity of working with him here at Villa. But as we see from other clubs, these things can take a bit of time and it’s not really my style to be rushing things.’

‘We’ve agreed a fee with Watford, so that we’re able to speak to the player and his agent. I have done briefly and I think he’s pretty keen. I think he’s got some things to sort out at the other end and we’ll keep our fingers crossed that he might want to come.’


25 Replies to “O’Neill – Young ‘Pretty Keen’”

  • does he want to leave london ? – if he doesn’t no point forcing him. I wonder whats happened to the wall of silence and not making statements until the deal is done ? – Pressure from above ?

  • the Caught Offside website says “We all know Young wants to join Spurs, but if martin Jol doesn’t come in by feb 1st he will probably join Villa” Well, that’s nice to know then!

  • He must know there’s something in the pipeline from Spuds, so he’s waiting to see what they’ve got to say. Onto plan D then i think!

  • It seems the statement is to say, he may not be done and dusted today.West ham did’nt get this far.The lad has been at Watford since he was 10, so any move will be a wrench and he may need some time to get his head around it.When he see’s the new training ground the ambition at the club and the fact we are a sleeping giant the odds are good.Most of our lads have come through the system like him so there is common understanding.Two good feet for crossing , bags of pace and only 21.There will be some years in that one!

  • Very embarassing if he turns us down. Maybe MON knows this and also knows he will sign. Dissappearing up my own ********** here.

  • These negotiations were never going to be a five minute thing. Way too much at stake for both parties. Probably wont be any developments now until after tomorrows game is put to bed.

  • Why do the muppets from the cockney media keep saying moving to the midlands might be a problem??!! For their info, I have lived in Brum, which is a pretty decent place to live…..and I have lived in London, which is a right sh***hole!!! Bet most of the muppets in the media have never been to the Midlands so shud their cockney gobs!!!

  • If he wants to play for the mighty Villa fine, I would not want us to be a second choice for anyone, if a players heart is not with you, neither is his ability

  • Sky reporting tonight that Young is not playing tomorrow, will have medical on Sunday and sign on Monday…will see.

  • Echo Steef’s sentiments here we want players who WANT to play for Villa, not settle for Villa if their first choice doesn’t materialise. Let him see how good we are tomorrow and he will sign then and there… what have I set myself up for !

  • Well seeing he turned down whu with out even having talks i think he will be coming, iv got him in my dream team he’s on a decent score and id be happy if we sign him.

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