Date: 9th October 2018 at 5:00pm
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Oh it’s so exciting searching for a new Aston Villa manager isn’t it! Former Wigan Athletic, Everton and current Belgian international gaffer Roberto Martinez is hardly a new name to fans.

Our failed chase of him all those years ago has left few thinking ‘what if’ as his spell at Everton stands out like a sore thumb for plenty, despite his relative success at international level.

Sky Sports are one of many who were happy to revisit that particular nugget of a link though this week and their suggestion is he features highly on our short-list, even if our preference is Thierry Henry still.

There’s have probably been greater legs to the story had it been suggested that Martinez was our top option and Henry would continue to develop his experience serving as No 2 again – but what do I know.

The above seems a fair summation when it comes to any talk I’ve seen about Martinez, I’m hardly sold on the idea myself as he falls into the ‘does what it says on the tin’ box and he doesn’t change, to his team’s detriment usually.


7 Replies to ““Our Defence Is Bad Enough…” – Some Villa Fans Shudder At This Suggestion For Manager”

  • the more recent news of henri distancing himself from avfc is the best news in days now c’mon villa GET IT SORTED OUT

  • Mendez recommendations are totally ignored the playboy billionaires go for
    Fairytale combos and the armchair pundits and failed Dinasours pour out more garbage
    to throw into the circus called AVFC: If Mendez is putting forward FARIA and Forsenca Togo
    with Jesus Patarch why ignore it. After Wolves and Nuno it seem madness or blind stupidity
    by Saw Edens etc

    • There’s still not a single shred of proof that Mendes is involved other than not even ‘source told us’ links in the press as they waffled that I’ve seen?

  • FFS just get it sorted. Get someone in that knows what they’re doing sooner rather than later or we will still be waiting when we play Swansea with McDonald in charge.

  • No need for all the impatience, let them choose the right man rather than rushing it. Too many people falling for all the cobblers in the media – most of it is just click bait nonsense as they dont have a clue either

  • The right man takes time and money. Managers like Paulo Fonseca and the like are not playboys but dedicated professional men with proven track records and ambition. Our new owners must realise money enough is not enough to get the right man.

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