Date: 25th February 2018 at 1:38pm
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Our epic 4-2 win over the Owls at Hillsborough. As I said just after the game, That game was ridiculous!

So what did we learn? Apart from some fans had forgotten what it was like, that feeling of complete away day euphoria with Villa snatching a late winner.

1) We only need to play 45 minutes!

Slightly tongue in cheek because if you look at large chunks of that match, Villa really were on the back foot and the performance at times was, to put it kindly, stretched. But the team spirit and the never-say-die attitude is what is getting us through and if we carry on like that, just 45 mins per game or not, we have to be there or there abouts don`t we?

This league isn`t a pretty league and to be fair to the injury ravaged Sheffield Wednesday side, their youth and fringe players put up a hell of a good battle and looked like they were really trying to push their credentials to make the first team more regularly. We`ve had plenty of fringe players over the years who should have done exactly the same – actually including a few who had a chance v Peterborough this season.

The main aim, scrub that, the only aim is to win. We did it. Winning ugly is just as important a part of our arsenal as winning ‘pretty`.

2) They care.

Remember the players trudging off the pitch, not giving a damn win (rare), lose (often) or draw (zzzz)?

This lot care.

3) And still some are quick to moan?

Matches are rollercoasters and we don`t usually do things the easy way, but blimey some fans are quick to jump on Bruce aren`t they? You`ll just have to get over it folks, he`s getting the results and is going nowhere.

This tweet says it all I think:


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3 Replies to “Our Players Care – And They Only Have To Play 45 Mins”

  • Just a word of caution. Both Cardiff (see today’s result) and Fulham look as though they’re also totally committed. We need to beat Cardiff and Derby at home. And the other 10 games as well!

  • It maybe ok to play just 45 minutes against a team with even more injuries than us, but it didn’t work against Fulham…… did we actually ‘play’ for 45 minutes against them? It certainly won’t work against fellow promotion hopefuls.

  • agreed Lergy (good to see you around!), as it should be with teams fighting for something. Certainly can’t take anything for granted.

    It was somewhat tongue in cheek Pride to be fair! Think the point is, even when playing badly, we are pulling o

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