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Over Half Way Through The Season – But How Are Villa Fans Viewing Our Performances?

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ldgavfc wrote this last Friday, I thought I’d front page and add some responses, then you can let us know how you feel at this stage of the season as well:

We’re halfway through the season and at present we sit smack bang in the middle of the league with a game or two in hand on those around us.

We’ve had some huge wins that we won’t forget in a hurry, and some disappointing losses that have hurt.

We’ve been frustrated with refereeing decisions. Very, very frustrated.

We’ve been knocked out of both cups, by Stoke in the League Cup and Liverpool/COVID in the FA cup.

We’ve spent a large amount of money relative to the rest of the league in both transfer windows once again, and this time the majority of the signings seem to suit each other as well as the coaches playing style.

Are you happy with what you’ve seen, or have we just been lucky? What final position will you be happy with, and what do you think the club are aiming for this season? Where do you think we will end up?

AVDave replied:

Well one thing is for sure, we won’t be in a relegation battle, A lot of us thought at the start, if we survive this season we can kick on. The signings we made last window have adapted and fitted in much better, that’s why we are where we are. Maybe with a bit more luck we should be higher than we are. I can take losses so long as we have put a shift in. I think a few more quality signings in areas where needed will improve us more. I’m not expecting us to win the league this season I just want to see us continue improving and we are doing that quicker than I thought.

The whole thread of replies is here: The 2020/21 midway point – How do you feel things are going so far?

Some other cherry picked comments:

“we’re clearly going places but aren’t quite there yet. We play some brilliant football at times and have had some great results this season. The Liverpool game will never be forgotten.”

“This season has been far beyond what I had hoped for considering where we are in the project.”

“Some of our play has been scintillating, most of our defending has been much improved. The whole team looks far more coherent and confident.”

“We have performed above and beyond my expectations and you only have to listen to numerous pundits within the media who have said we are playing some of the most exciting football in the league to see how far we have come.”

“Great start to the season, we have far exceeded any realistic expectations. A top half finish would be great (and frankly, anything less might be considered a bit disappointing, given the start we have made) but we will be well clear of relegation, so considerable progress will have been made. Very happy. 8/10 so far.”

“Half term report for me is easily an A+ Of course we still make mistakes and there are still things we can improve upon, but when you confirm where we are with what the expectations were at the start of the season we’re massively exceeding.”

And my opinion, despite the loss to West Ham last night, which looked like fatigue after a brutal run of fixtures and not much squad rotation to me.

“I’m gobsmacked at the transformation from what I considered an underperforming season last year. I love how we are trying to play, we aren’t there yet but then, we are only in our second season back in the Premiership. I know we have had disappointing results along with the great ones, but that is the thing, we are disappointed again. I don’t know about you, but for so long, I was almost (almost) resigned to losing because we have been poor for so long.”

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