Date: 8th May 2014 at 8:51am
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ItsYourRoundMyLord says:

Unacceptable. Derisory. No more excuses!

We’ve heard them all before and they don’t hold water. I didn’t think I could feel lower after Chelsea away last season but.Wigan home, Bradford away, Bradford home, Millwall away, this season Fulham away, Sheffield United home, Stoke home, Swansea away… City 4 Villa 0. Not a shock result. They are a very good team likely to be crowned champions, deservedly so, but this wasn’t a one off poor result against superior opposition. It was one more in a catalogue for the manager and board to be shown up for their inept master plan (whatever that plan is as us mere mortals aren’t included in this vision) and for us fans to suffer.

The manager says he wants to stay here next season (see: Lambert Expresses Wish To Stay – Weimann Agrees) and what a big club we are having won the European Cup and yet says we, the fans, have high expectations and the players are still young.

I thought it was the manager and the clubs idea to go with a young team. Lambert said at the end of last season that the experience has helped the young players grow and learn from the struggles of last season. There is no evidence of that so that cannot be an excuse. If the players are young and inexperienced why in January did we only sign ‘real man’ Grant Holt (who couldn’t get in a mid table championship team who are now competing in the play offs since his exclusion) and a champions league winning left back with Chelsea Ryan Bertrand (who made an outstanding debut against Liverpool but has since gone backwards) when we were supposedly after what Paul Lambert calls a ‘no 10 and a bit more experience’.

If there were no funds for a creative no 10 then why repeat it throughout January and only when pressed by internet forum speculation does N’Zogbia reappear on the casualty list (even name checked in Lerner’s post Southampton draw statement!) and get added to the excuses for poor results and form list even though appearing, by squad number change, to be banished to the dreaded ‘bomb squad’.

Paul Faulkner was promoted to CEO of Villa in May 2010(Randy Lerners right hand man). I don’t know what achievements have happened behind the scenes apart from a seat on an F.A. board, surely negated by league positions and falling prestige. Based on financial records released, management appointed and results on the pitch during his tenure it’s not been good enough. In 2006 our ‘custodian’ Randy Lerner(who hasn’t been been spotted watching a game at Villa Park since 29th December 2012!) said that he would step aside if he couldn’t make it work. The time has come and it is definitely now. I don’t think I’m alone in thanking him for the memories and investment 06-10 and aspiring to the dream but we/he got burnt and i for one want a clean slate after the last 4 years.

I watched my vhs copy of Villa winning the coca cola cup in 94 the other day to bring those feelings back that i had when i was 10 years old and you know it made me realise why i love the Villa so much. A bit of skill (Saunders), passion (Atkinson crazy tongue out goal celebration-who didn’t love that!) and that feeling of being the underdog and coming out the winner, showing that anyone with the passion, some skill and 100% commitment can be the hero. The only thing in the last 4 years that reminds me of that character the club stands for was the 19th minute celebration of not just our former captain Stiliyan Petrov and his battle but what we as a club truly stand for at our best – pride, loyalty and 140 years of being in it together.

I hope, cross my fingers, touch wood and every other cliché that in the next week we can say goodbye to the current regime and look forward to new possibilities whatever they may be because i can’t take a FIFTH year of this. I want/need to believe that we may not be challenging at the top but there is a will and commitment at least to care for and to strive to get Aston Villa competitive and competing in the top flight again. UTV