Date: 2nd February 2013 at 10:34am
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Mat Kendrick at The Birmingham Mail has some interesting quotes from Paul Lambert.

Looks like a ‘not my fault guvnor` type of thing and certainly points the fingers to Randy Lerner.

Putting aside his mad tactics, strange formations that aren`t working and all that this season, he talks of wages.

You have to ask, just how long does the cost cutting have to take place? We`ve sold most of our best players, we have a few dinosaurs on massive wages yet to go and then there is the one ‘star` player (as in bought for massive money, massive reputation etc, I know some don`t rate him and obviously others do) left then, in Darren Bent. We are then pretty much done experience wise aren`t we?

I think this manager has made mistake after mistake, the main one being thinking he can do what he did with Norwich in the lower leagues with Aston Villa right from the get go. However, it also looks, if all this is right, that Randy has left the building.

Lambert says he wanted a defender in the January transfer window but couldn`t bring one in because the wages were too high.

“We couldn`t afford anyone massive. Randy Lerner`s been great and I knew the remit.”

And then the alarming bit. I hate loans in the Premiership and think the rules should be changed back so Clubs can`t do it, however I think we all believed we`d get a few experienced loans to help get us out of the relegation fight? Sod principles etc, just do it!

Well, Lambert says: “We couldn`t get many loans short-term because of the salaries.”

And hopefully Mat won`t mind me quoting one line from him: Asked if Villa were now unable to compete financially with the likes of Stoke and Newcastle, Lambert replied: “Yes, that`s too high for us.”

Lambert also confirmed we had no offers for any of our players.

“There have been plenty of custodians of Aston Villa since 1874 and if I can`t make it work, I will do what the others did, move on and let someone else try” Randy Lerner when he first came to Aston Villa. Have circumstances changed?

Sad times. People talking of protests again, the hurt, the frustration of fans and the total desperation as to what has happened in just a few short years. From challenging the top four to challenging in the bottom four and this January showed no appetite to spend to get out of it.

I just hope if anyone does do protests, they wait until we are either mathematically safe or mathematically down. I also fear what happens then, it is one thing saying Randy Out, it is another getting a buyer to make it so.

Oh and the picture at the top? That is an illustration of the clear protest already going on. The Newcastle attendance, one would assume, is just the start of an alarming drop in attendances.

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