Date: 21st September 2009 at 4:32pm
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Stiliyan Petrov has said that Monny and NRC have drawn a line under their disagreement, and so should everyone else.

Speaking to SSN Petrov explained that training ground disagreements are almost a term in a players contract and that they happen the world over, and on a regular basis.

Admittedly they don’t involve the manager that often, but as Monny used to be a player he can use that excuse!

Furthermore Petrov believes it shows how much players care when a spat rears it’s head, it’s a clear sign of their desire and passion to win and he’s glad to be around colleagues who ‘want to speak, fight and be a winner’.

‘Everyone in the team is a fighter. There are 25 people with different characters and sometimes you get clashes like that.

‘The manager knows what he did, Nigel knows what he did. They are grown men. They will straighten things out and then Nigel will be back in the team.’

Well hopefully they were sorted out today, Nigel would’ve been back in training and hopefully a few quiet words we’re had between him and the managers.

I suspect as much as there hasn’t been any rumours of further fall out over the last few hours.

Time to put this one to bed and hope that Reo-Rumbles don’t become a regular fixture in our training schedule.


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