Date: 23rd July 2007 at 11:38am
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I’m never sure what to make of articles when a players agent talks, especially when they say their player is happy where they are!

Stiliyan Petrov’s agent is quoted on Sky Sports saying the midfielder is happy at Villa and is looking forward to next season.

Maybe I’m just not used to agents saying anything positive?

If Petrov has settled down following last summers move from Celtic, he could have a major impact for us and justify his large transfer fee. Hey, it’d be like a new signing really!!!!

His agent, Tony McGill, said of the 28-year-old Bulgarian international:

‘I spoke to Stiliyan the other day – he rang me to tell me how well things were going. He is happy with the new signings, he’s happy with the training and he’s been very bullish about the whole thing. Wherever you go, it always takes a little while to settle in and he was in rented accommodation with his family which didn’t help. But Stiliyan has bought a new house and he is very settled now.’

Adding: ‘Stiliyan is 100% happy at Aston Villa. He told me that he can see a difference in the place already and that it is a lot better than this time last year. It’s all very positive and he can see a real buzz about the place.’

Cool, all sounds good to me!


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  • I would take this as a statement of intent.He moved down from Scotland 2 weeks before the season, not his own pad and his missus had a kid.So they say moving house is the most stressful thing you can do.I think moving countries, jobs, house and having a kid is enough to knock anyone back a little.He is settled knows what is expected of him….So..No excuses not to deliver!!..come on Stan…get stuck in son!

  • I find this strange. It has been months now since the ‘Petrov is unhappy at villa’ stories. So why is his agent coming out now to say he is happy? Should we be worried because Gareth Barry’s agent hasn’t come out to say the same?

  • Of course he’s happy, and he’s about to have a season that will silence the doubters and the knockers. A class act, admittedly took a little time to settle in, but I saw him put in some very good performances last season that bode well for the upcoming campaign. Go get ’em Stan!!

  • Zzzzzz is this what the close season has come to? At least there is some international competition next year to ease the pain / boredom.

  • “Real Buzz about the place”

    Now I’m getting a bit fed up with player comments.

    “Luke Moore believes Villa are shaping up for an assault on European qualification next season”

    Now what justification do we have for such comments?

    Weve gained NRC and Harewood, but lost MCann, Bardsley, Hughes, Davies, Sutton and probably Ridgewell.
    And that’s from one of the smallest squads in the league.

    O’Neill is buying for 2010, young players like NRC, Young etc.

    When I look at Man U, Chelski, Asrenholes, Liverpudle, Spurs then I believe we have no hope of finishing above them, and we will probably struggle against quite a few others too. Unless 3 or 4 top players sign in the next few weeks I’d suggest finishing top half of the table would be our best goal.

  • TBMG – You are getting fed up with player comments? What do you want them to say, that things are bad at Villa and we aren’t going to achieve anything? What top 3 or 4 players are you wanting to come to Villa? Currently we have 22 first team players and last year we fielded more players than any other team in the Premiership. I’m not saying the squad doesn’t need improving but it isn’t as bad as the doom merchants have us believe.

  • Hoss, I’d like some honesty. It’s no good raising supporters expectations beyond reality. If that happens then we all get really *****ed off by Christmas. Better to aim for a top half finish with better things to come as young players develop. That’s realistic and gives rom for a better season than expected.

  • Who do you want honesty from? I think the playing squad are more than happy and there is a very good team spirit. The lack of depth in the squad is a worry but I can’t see the problem with players saying they are happy. I would be more concerned if there were weekly reports of unrest and players banging on the door wanting to leave. Those days have thankfully passed and we have turned the corner. There is a transition is taking place at the Club and we all hope by August 31st a few more players will be at the Club who want to be there.

  • Hoss, I don’t disagree with any of that. But read my post. It is players saying “Luke Moore believes Villa are shaping up for an assault on European qualification next season” that gives rise to unreasonable expectations.

  • I suppose it depends on how optimistic or pessimistic you are but I don’t think it is unreasonable for players to state the goals they want to achieve. At least they are targeting Europe and not saying we are trying to fight relegation. Whatever we believe about the state of the playing squad I would rather players tried to achieve a better goal than maybe they are capable of rather than under achieving and going through the motions.

  • I agree completely.
    And if Villa had signed $50M in players then I’d expect us to be challenging for Europe. Fact is, we’ve lost more than we gained. So we hope the youngsters will have developed since May.
    For what it’s worth, I’d have kept Davies over Petrov, but hope I’m wrong. Right back is a real problem.
    Our right side is a problem.
    Left side, well, if NRC plays left midfield then what of Barry? Abgo plays right in a2, 3 or 4 man forward line. Carew CF, Harewood back up. Play Young and it’s either Abby out or a three man with Young doing an inside forward role. Then what about Luke Moore.? Bench again.
    I really can’t see the structure. Maybe MON has it covered, I hope so. Look at the back line. No RB. Melly and Laursen good if fit, Cahill in reserve, Bouma LB but not international class. It’s depleted. Any injury exposes us. And depth is crucial.
    A team is built from base up. Look at the Euro winning team, great defence and fast rebound. Dennis Mortimer was brilliant. The defene was brilliant. That gave opportunity to the forwards.

    Don’t forget, that a pie without a decent base, will collapse in your hands.

  • I?m not a blind optimist and do have a few twitchy bum moments. All that said what has gone out of the door at Villa haven?t been world beaters. We have lost a number of squad players at best, most have underachieved and been overpaid and a couple who never meeting their potential. I don?t want to see us panic buy for the sake of making up the numbers or we?ll be back where we started. We need some quality, we need some experience and overall we need players that want to fight for a place in the first team to wear the claret and blue shirt. I for one struggle to see the shape of the team MON wants to play but we do have options up front and in midfield to change things around and with the addition of a right sided midfielder we should be covered for the coming season. Defence is a different kettle of fish. For all the deficiencies we see, our defence was the 6th best in the league last season. In saying that a right back is a must and I can only think that MON wants to see what Dellany can do in Canada before making a decision on who he brings in. As for spending big, I think MON is playing a wait and see game and will spend money if and when the right player comes available. Unfortunately we are living under a regime that won?t let the cat out the bag over who we are targeting.

  • would you let Marlon Harewood out the bag? Me thinks not. They want their season ticket sales in first!

  • I suppose they will have to do a lot of convincing to get people to give up their golfing time to sell many more season tickets.

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