Date: 1st February 2010 at 12:20pm
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Bones_Villan on Villa’s plan b:

Plan B

All in all, a good weekend for Villa. We’re back to scoring goals in the league and looking extremely solid at the back. Particular mention for Mr Dunne, who was absolutely outstanding at Fulham, although the whole side were spot on. Birmingham also did us a bit of a favour. Well done, Liam.

The reason for the title of the article is something I’ve thought about a lot this season. It can also be linked nicely to those comments that Arsène Wenger made about our apparent style of play. I, for one, am not a Wenger hater. (More) than half of me loves the way Wenger sets Arsenal up.

Being relatively young, I can say without doubt that the ‘Invincibles’ played the finest stuff I have ever seen. However, like Sir Alex Ferguson, he is a true winner. I also think Wenger does not have a Plan B. Not even close. This puts him at odds with himself and as such, the other (less than) half of me finds him extremely irritating for the condescending remarks. Wenger will not compromise style for substance.

Against Manchester United tonight, Arsenal were faced with a team who had their number. Plan A was well and truly thwarted. Now the irony. In the first half, when United were on top, long balls were being hit towards Arshavin, who is not the typical target man.

When Arsenal were two and three nil down, crosses rained into the United box, left, right and centre, to no avail. They needed a Plan B. Instead it was almost hopeful, desperate stuff. By the time Bendtner came on, it was too late. I guess what I’m trying to say is that even Wenger cannot get away from the fact that the Premier League is a very physical league. The aforementioned ‘Invincibles’ will probably never be re-created again.

They were all big, strong and quick. Yet they could all play the game that Wenger craves.

Villa are starting to get a Plan B together. We’re learning to be patient against sides that are difficult to break down, keeping the ball on the floor, à la Wenger. We may need a few more creative players to finish Plan B off, but we’re getting there. In the meantime, we’re in a cup final, still in the FA cup and still pushing for fourth. I’ll take our Plan A any day of the week, Arsène.


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