Date: 23rd June 2008 at 3:14pm
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David Platt has stood by his belief that Gareth Barry needs to move to a ‘big club’ to further his career, much like Michael Carrick???

Martin O’Neill has described his missives as ‘worthless’ which probably gives them too much respect to be honest.

Speaking some gobbledegook to somebody, but I’ve taken these quotes from IC Brum, David Platt former Villa hero mumbled:

‘Michael Carrick needed to leave and join a big club because it puts bigger demands on you and it is the same with Gareth Barry.

‘It’s not necessarily the people within the club but just the level you are playing at and what you are playing for.

‘I’ve always said that Michael Carrick was like a Rolls Royce. He needed to put his foot down and have to run to show what it could do – and I’d say the same with Gareth.

‘At the moment he can walk into the Aston Villa team. He is guaranteed a place.

‘At Liverpool there will be a massive amount of pressure next year. There will be more demands of him at Liverpool than there would be at Villa and he needs to go to reach that level.’

Now although I agree with the last sentance, Barry is a guaranteed starter but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he will relax, become complacent and any implication that he will actually does him a disservice.

The rest though, yes because Michael Carrick has really set the world alight since leaving Spurs hasn’t he. Do me a favour.

Carrick has done well, but quite frankly he’d have probably done better staying at Spurs where he could have made a difference.

Or of course the attitude thesedays must be move to a club that you know will stand a chance of being immediately successful even if you sit on the bench, rather than actually make a difference.

And that is all it boils down to, will Liverpool likely finish above us next season? Yes we are out to consolidate this season and maybe take 5th place. Barry can either be a part of helping that happen and earn his money, or he can go to Liverpool, warm the bench, be in the Champions League for a couple of games and maybe pick up a medal a season or two sooner than he would if he stayed.

But will he have earnt it specifically, nope, no more than Carrick to be honest. No more than Yorke did when he went to Man U and no more than other players who take the easy route.

It’s easy to grow your cabinet collection by taking the easy option, I’d suspect it’s far more rewarding and makes a better story for your grandkids knowing you played a major part in winning it though.

Barry may well be off, it’s almost guaranteed, but quite why David Platt, like Patrik The Gob feel the need to comment is something I’ll never understand.

It’s disrespectful, unnecessary and rather than meaning anything just ruins the reputation of the speaker. Sadly Platt has just done that amongst the Villa faithful, and for what, 15 seconds of fame again?

The best thing Platt said:

‘Martin O’Neill knows more about the Gareth Barry situation than me.’

That should’ve been all he needed to know to keep quiet and not look an idiot.

The stupidest thing about it all, when Platt moved on to win medals and further his career – he was an almost perfect gentleman about it.

Why blow it now.