Date: 26th January 2007 at 5:21pm
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This is an interesting one as Martin O’Neill wants to offer incentive related contracts for Villa players and will be reviewing the situation with Villa owner Randy Lerner.

O’Neill said: ‘The chairman and I in the summer, or maybe towards the end of this season, are going to sit down and look at the whole wage structure here at Villa. We will try and get a structure in which rewards people who put in the effort and have done well for the football club. But if you haven’t done the business, then don’t come calling.’

Sounds promising and might help re-engage the fans as it is very difficult for most of us to relate to the players on superb wages who stroll around on the pitch as if they couldn’t give a toss.

O’Neill added: ‘I want people that feel they can get rewarded here at this club by doing well. I do not mind paying for success. What we don’t want to be doing is paying for a lack of success. You can call it incentive-based or whatever you like – but basically I want people who are busting a gut to get into the team and are playing well to be rewarded. The chairman understands what I am saying and by the same token it also means ‘don’t come calling to me if you haven’t done it.’

‘We’ve no idea how to structure it at present. It is just a vision. In terms of wages, I am not saying we are remotely close to the four big teams. I know some of the wages people are getting at those clubs and we are not in that league. But I will want to be able to try and keep people without bankrupting the club.’

What a positive step, what a promising manager! 😉

If I was summing it up, I’d say, play your claret and blue hearts out or stuff you sunny boy! That’d look good in the contracts.


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  • Years ago that was the key to players earning better wage, success linked. Like most people in the real world who rarely get rewarded for poor performance. (except MP’s of course)

  • Now this could cause a few upsets, one of the late programmes a few nights ago, was comparing Villas foreign signings, and worked out in reality how much each goal they had scored had cost the club, but they did it based on transfer fees and did not include their wages, it was sickening. performance related pay, a fantastic incentive for most, the problem is that so many of them are so rich they could have a bad day and in reality it wouldn’t realy hurt them.

  • This is a very difficult one and I certainly admire MON for trying to go down this route with performance related contracts providing the total bonus is no more than 25% of the player?s total package. MON has certainly got a chance of achieving it because there is so much difference between what we?ve previously paid and what is paid at other more successful top Clubs; (Man.U, Arsenal and Liverpool especially). One scheme could be where the players are rated every game they play. ie 10,9.8.7 points etc every with a weekly or end-of-month bonus pay-out depending on the points totals achieved. -No play ? no bonus. It would also be nice for the fans to see the scores and league positions. It might also be possible for a panel of fans to have an input into the weekly points awarded to each of the squad. The other alternative would be a scheme related to attendance but I prefer my first suggestion. Will be interesting what we finally do

  • villacross – you should get a bonus if you can find two fans that agree on player performance during a game. I believe endeavour should always be rewarded because lets face there isn’t much loyalty left in the game. Performnace based contracts could also lead to higher initial wage demands to compensate for those ‘off’ days – imagine how much compensation Angel would request!

  • Personally think its a great idea by MON, and one that the club very definitely needs to be looking at. I would think that the players would very much welcome such a pay structure too, particularly if based upon team and individual efforts/results.

  • myleftfoot – Yes assessments are obviously difficult but I think a set of benchmarks could be established without too much difficulty. i.e. work rate, ball control, tackles, distribution accuracy, shots on target etc etc. The Prem League runs some such system. (Barry is very high in their placings -so they must have a system which is fairly reliable?)

  • Now that is a top idea!
    seems MON thinks that some of the squad don’t get what they deserve and others get far too much for very little contribution. If we had a real structure in place like this I think it would improve performances no end.
    Positive news at the base of the club at last.

  • why stop at performance related pay for players… introduce performance related ticket prices, the more you cheer the less you pay.

  • Looks like we might actually have something to cheer about with Carew and Young signing. Think Carew will be fantastic signing for us!

  • Hoss The Villain – what a great idea – I bet spitfire would be a high scorer – unless he gets points deducted when he boos.

  • I don’t like idea for the fans to rate the players each week, its too much big brother style for me, soon we be aloud to txt in and vote players out of the team..”Hendrie you have the most votes, you have 10secs to leave villa park”. Players shouldnt lose money if they play badly, they just get dropped from the team anyway. Players should only gain extra money if they win a game or getting to the next round and get rewarded if we get into europe or somthing like that.

  • spit-fire – No, it came in a “flash” – “cosmo style”. I’ve obviously hit on a sensitive spot but never mind, you carry on booing – hopefully you’ll soon be the last of a dying breed!

  • This is a good idea. For too long players have been overpaid regardless of their performances. Win bonuses, performance related pay, or any such schemes can only be welcome changes in my mind.

  • villacross ? if I actually gave a ***** about your opinion then maybe I would care. Keep bleating with the other sheep ? one day you might have an opinion of your own.

  • It simply makes sense to reward players for success, as opposed to paying them big-bucks for mediocrity or worse.

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