Date: 11th December 2006 at 11:33am
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So just who was Martin O’Neill and chief dib dib dub dub (scout) Ian Storey-Moore watching the other day?

They were both seen at the Small Heath v Preston North End match and that has got the papers speculating!

As the Birmingham Mail speculate, Blu*s have several players likely to move on including Matthew Upson and Gary McSheffrey (who?) and also have three Arsenal youngsters on loan.

However it is believed that O’Neill was running the rule over Preston striker David Nugent.

The Liverpool-born 21-year-old is quoted in the Mail as saying: ‘It’s nice to see your name in the paper, but I’m a Preston player. I want to stay here and try and get us in the Premiership and, in an ideal world, I’d like to stay. At the very least, I’d like to stop to the end of the season but Matthew Upson at Birmingham is in a similar position. He is out of contract in 18 months, Premier League clubs are targeting him and he has said that if nothing happens in January, he might have to leave if they don’t go up. That might be the same with me.’

Nugent has been linked to a few Premiership clubs and O’Neill’s attendance at the game won’t do anything to quell the rumours!


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  • I dunno, that McSheffrey from Coventry looked a pretty descent player for the *****e, all 3 of his goals were well taken. Problem is he cost them 4 mil so he wouldn’t be cheap!

  • no idea why I used that image but didn’t want to use one from small heath and didn’t know which was Nugent on the PNE site! Thought Beefy would appreciate the girlies!

  • Maybe he’s scouting just to get an idea of both teams as we could face them in the prem next year. Getting his homework in on the blues – MON knows its a game that villa must win.

    Otherwise is most likely to be Nugent.

  • I have a good source that Upson is our player with all but the announcement so maybe its upson and the chicken nugent. Or maybe it was just for a laugh to let the noses think someone might actually want one of their players – nice one martin.

  • Would be happy with upson, solid defender shame he played for the blues, but as long as there below us i couldnt care if we take their key players. Dont know enough about nugent to comment, but if kevin doyle, marlon king, darren bent, harewood etc can all step up from championship to premiership then im sure the player MON is watching will definately be able to take the step up

  • As Deanovilla was crying about the below comments being placed on the Baros LYON thread, I have pasted it here so that he won’t be too upset over Xmas:
    Let me put the record straight – Alan Thompson – not many games played – bags of experience and would end up being a very positive influence on the squad. BUT as I said Matt TAYLOR – before he scored the goals – would be ACE. Followed by Darren BENT or Defoe (Defoe being unlikely due to Keanes injury), with Wayne BRIDGE…..would be good signings with THOMPSON possibly a NO. BENTLEY of Blackburn has been good for a couple of seasons now but HUGHES would price him out the market…any comments on BENTLEY? Also, is BEATTIE rubbish or in the wrng team? Happy DV?

  • Much better. Oh and theres a difference between crying and trying to do my job as a mod. So for future reference try and keep posts on topic, I dont care how anal that sounds!

  • MOD? Yeah I know it is annoying when the thread is ignored but HE IS rubbish! A little less sarcasm and a bit more understanding that fans aren’t tied to your ethics and protocols would recoup less bile-like responses that I have posted so apologies for that but you did deserve it….let’s save our vitreol for the BCFC andLiverpool supporters….anyway you still haven’t answered my questions about the players…..BEATTIE, BENT, BRIDGE, TAYLOR, BENTLEY? UTV. p.s. I’ve just won a tenner on PARDEW going. Shame, nice bloke.

  • Would imagine that MON was checking out David Nugent. I’ve only seen him once in the flesh, that was at The Molinuex earlier this season, and he looked every inch a premiership quality striker. I for one would welcome him to VP with open arms. Upson? Cant imagine or understand why we’d be in for him. Is he any better than what we’ve got? I dont particularly think so.

  • Deano didn’t know you are a MOD, I’m a ROCKER but for the sake of the site and peace in our time I think we should put our differences behind us, try and forget Brighton and do our best to get on, you cant be all bad after all you are a Villan. UTV

  • Deano, Koolbill..alright lads calm down!!! Back to the thread, what are we doing looking at central defenders IF the above gossip is true. I would have thought we have more pressing needs at the moment, like quality midfielders/strikers.

  • JF – Youv’e cut me out again. Was a mild dig at the subject hopping debate. Im gonna have to put all my toys back in the pram now!!

  • mackaavfc, I’ve put you on my Santa letter writing list to make sure your toys – damaged by throwing them out of the pram – are replaced. nb: front page article comments are also policed by others in the Vital set up so wouldn’t see the thread.

    Chaps, we are pretty easy with front page comments and only about 1% if that are deleted on the Villa pages as we don’t have abuse etc very often. However, it is good to keep them as on topic as possible. ta very much nicely .

  • Bentley I don’t think would be sold, Beattie I’m mixed on, wanted him when we approached the first time, unless a bargain price, I’m not so sure now, although in the right team with the right manager he could be great. He did choose Everton over us though, so why should we give him a second chance at our magnificant club!?!?!? Thompson, WHY? Not not.

  • I think Beatie chose Moyes over Muppet. I’d give him a chance but i think and hope that we can do better with MON at the helm to attract
    real quality.

  • Can’t see it being McSheffry considering he’s only just joined them. We have enough centre-backs at the moment to not need Upson. Other potential Blues players are people like Bendtner who’s on loan from Arsenal, but I believe he’s there all season now so it can’t be him. In my eyes, it must be David Nugent.

  • Gazvilla a bit of a shocker, but I think he stands a good chance of a contract with sharon, thought he would go on to win it, possibly a fix. anyone got a recipe for vegan cheesecake????

  • Vegan strawberry cheesecake…mmm delicious

    1 block of silken tofu (you can use firm but will need to blend for longer)
    1 punnet of strawberries (reserve two or three for garnish)
    3 tablespoons of sugar
    quarter cup of sunflower oil
    a little soya milk for blending
    a few drops of vanilla essence or a scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream

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