Date: 6th December 2007 at 11:33am
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1) So are you happy with the way the season is going?

Delighted… but in typical football fan fashion there has to be a ‘but’, so if we could just score at home we would turn those draws into wins then the world would be our lobster.

Our away form has been phenomenal this season; we have probably won more games so far than we had in the past few seasons put together.

2) What do you think of the Harry Redknapp situation? I would have thought (as he has said) it has blown his chances of the England job.

Complete and utter crap, this is putting it mildly – he was stitched up and hung out to dry. The very same people that had been calling for him to get the England job one day turned on him the next.

His chances probably are gone, which to be honest as good a job as I think he would have done I am not too bothered he probably will not get it now, as we need him more.

3) What made you support Pompey?

Pompey born and bred and an old man that once played for Pompey schoolboys meant it was only a matter of time, so it was inevitable even though I moved away from Pompey as a kid. In many ways though it was a good thing as Leigh Park is not a place that you really want to grow up in to be honest.

It is a small world though, as I stayed at my brother’s house just outside of Exeter when travelling back after the Everton game and there just so happened to be another Pompey fan in his local. It turns out that he too was from Leigh Park, but he was a real typical ‘Leigh Parker.’ He is no longer allowed in Fratton Park apparently as he is a football hooligan! It was safe to say I did not wind him up at all that night…

4) Who should Villa be wary of on Saturday?

Niko Kranjcar – Carson knows him well… sorry, that was below the belt.

Seriously though Kranjcar has been fantastic this season and most things seem to be going through him these days. You expect something to happen when he is on the ball every time, as he is showing his true quality this season, the type of quality that I believe will make him a world class talent and quite possibly Croatia’s finest ever footballer in time.

5) Expecting much transfer action in January?

I would think so, this is Harry Redknapp’s Pompey you are talking about, he loves the transfer market. He keeps banging on about the African nations and ‘how it will leave us down to the bare bones’ so although it is not as bad as he makes out I would not be surprised to see 4 or 5 players to arrive, even if some are only loans. I still think Defoe could be one of these signings, and have since last summer.

6) What do you think of Villa and where do you think we are heading?

Villa really should be one of the top sides in the country. In recent times they have threatened to make that step up but it never fully came off did it.

To be honest I think that a club of your size should be in Europe, certainly challenging for this each year – and the signs are you will, but I also think it is safe to say that Martin O’Neill needs to sign a few players in January too.

7) Realistically what can Pompey achieve in the next few years?

It is hard not to get carried away but our progress in such a short time has been amazing. My aims this season were to at least match what we achieved last time, but after our start and knowing that we could buy even more quality next month if we miss out on Europe I will be disappointed.

After that, over the next few years consolidation of this would be the aim, along with challenging for a champions league place. I never thought I would say this, but the thought that Pompey could one day in my lifetime challenge for the title is something I have thought about recently, and you never know could happen…

8) Which Villa player would you grab given half a chance?

There are a few that I would take. I think that Carson is a fantastic keeper, Laursen a world class defender that would get into most sides if he could stay fit for long enough periods and Barry is a fella that I have rated for about a decade and would have loved to have signed him the other year when we wanted him.

But in terms of players that we ‘need’ I think one man stands out above these others, we already have England’s no.1 in James, in Campbell, Distin and Primus – when fit – we have three defenders that would get in a lot of other clubs sides, with Campbell and Distin being fantastic this season and in Kranjcar and Taylor – if he stays – we more than cover the left.

So this fella would take would be Gabriel Agbonlahor. He is a great talent that seems to be getting better all the time, so he would do nicely in January please!

9) Come on then, what is your prediction for the game and how sick are you of the stupid kick off times, especially considering the journey you have to get up to Villa Park.

Right, stupid kick off times? What does that matter – we are only football fans aren’t we, we are not important or anything are we, so as long as the TV people get what they want so they can show the games when they want them that is all that matters isn’t it… sod the fans! I assume you have gathered that I am not amused with the way things are going and have shown a fair degree of sarcasm with that here – just in case it needed clarifying.

As I no longer live in Pompey – as I mentioned – and have not for about 20 years, I now live just outside of Plymouth. So although I actually live further away now as it is straight along the motorway I will actually be able to get their quicker probably… but it is still a stupid kick off time and it is time that we were given more respect. I know we have to be thankful for the extra money the TV allows clubs to have but football is meant to be played at 3pm on a Saturday – and the odd midweek game.

Either way I will enjoy my first visit to Villa Park and after a moan I have eventually got to my prediction!

We have an awful record at Villa Park – but did at Newcastle and Birmingham before, and won both! – but we have won our last 5 away league games, so I hope we can make it a 6th on the trot. We are also unbeaten in 10 games – but then again you are in good form this season, so I would take a point but what the hell we will win again, 2-1 I reckon!

With thanks to Pompey Rug of Vital Pompey (Click Here) Our interview with them will appear later and includes answers from Deanovilla and was-danrenshaw…. which is nice! No lobsters though unfortunately.