Date: 16th September 2009 at 7:56pm
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voiceoftheholte asks for a full house on Saturday:

I know that I am often scathing/repetitive with my views on our support, but I do it because I think it is one of the most important issues affecting our club . . . and because I think I am right.

However let me make it 100% clear, the fans that turn up week in week out and give time, money and their full vocal support, I applaud you. Those that turn up but only make any noise when you are moaning I believe are doing the club a disservice. Those that turn the backs on the team 10 minutes before the end of the game and choose to leave, are disrespectful to the players and other supporters. I, like most Villa fans, want a full house every week, with all sides of the ground giving massive vocal support to the team.

That brings me on to Saturdays game against Pompey. The ground holds approx 42,500. 1500 of this will be taken by Pompey fans. Will we fill the other 41,000 seats? I suspect not. My estimated
attendance will be about the 36,000 region. However if it is a full house, I stand corrected and offer my apologies in advance. The reasons it should be a full house are numerous, other than the main reason being, it is the Villa and you should be at the game come hell or high water.

But in no particular order, it is Saturday at 3pm. It is not live on tv. We have won our last 4 games. We have beaten both Redscouse and Small Heath in that run. We won our last home game. We have a team packed with quality, most are internationals, some local Villa supporting players and a nucleus of English talent that is widely acknowledged at the highest levels of the game. The ground is fabulous and the weather is predicted to be good. It is a Villa Value game meaning that seats are amongst the best priced in the league. We have owners and a manager that most clubs would gladly have and Randy has invested millions again in ensuring that we now have a squad that almost has two good players for every single position. Access and costs for families and disabled is better than most other clubs in the league. Pretty much everything we have asked for as fans we have got.

Now I know that there are fans who will come on and say they can’t afford it, or they are away this weekend, or they live too far away. And that will be the case with every club in every league in the country. However, if we were playing this Saturday at 5.30pm, on the TV, with category A prices, had lost last weekend, but were playing Redscouse, Manure, Small Heath, maybe even Wolves, Man Citeh, Spuds, Chelski or the Arse, then we would be getting a full house . . . or near as damn it.


If we could get a full house because the opposition was different, it was live on TV and it was more expensive, then money/travel/time isn’t the excuse. So what is? Why would more fans want to come and watch a game against Manure (who we haven’t beat in a league game for 14/15 years I think) than would want to to watch us in a game where we are more likely to win?? Maybe it is me, but that just doesn’t make sense. Does it?

So we have established it is not the money. It is not even the entertainment because if the opposition was Manure for example, then we would get a bigger crowd to probably see us lose than we would against Pompey to probably see us win. My view is that we have too many supposed supporters who simply can’t be arsed. And again I will stand corrected if it is a full house on Saturday. For years the part timers have demanded this that and the other in return for their support. Well now we have owners who have put up their money and said ‘we have done as you have asked.

We have bent over backwards to ensure that you can be proud of your club. Now show us that you were not all hot air and you keep your side of the bargain’. Unfortunately we have been found wanting, have been shown to be all talk, and worst of all . . . fickle. Why?

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