Date: 31st May 2012 at 10:21am
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Just a round up of some of the positive stuff on Paul Lambert

As the title suggests really: Interview With A Norwich Fan About Paul Lambert

He has also been the favourite all along since we started the poll on who you would like, he has 476 votes! Poll and thread: Click Here

Sounds good stuff…. Daily Express journalist, and Canaries fan, Mick Dennis tells the boys why he believes the Scotsman will stay at Carrow Road.

He is complimentary of Lambert isn’t he? He might well be right about MON friendship but he forgot that Lambert is also big pals with Stiliyan Petrov and has visited him, so you can guarantee he’s given Villa a glowing reference?!

Decent blog on the Guardian Site > Click Here about Lambert and his ability to mix up tactics (up to three changes in a game it says) which blows away the Martin O`Neill Mark II accusation out the water.

Holtelower when someone said we need a big name appointment:

Big names ?

Can I just ask, what a NAME ever did ?.

It’s not about the name, its about if they fit the club / how they will do, not what they have done.

Saunders wasn’t a big name, nor was Taylor.

In-fact, the only ‘big’ name that we ever did anything with was Big Ron.

Wenger wasn`t a big name, nor was Ferguson, or Moyes, or Mourinho (yes I know he won the Champs League with Porto – but not many people had heard of him prior to that night) , Pardew isn’t a big name, nor was Redknapp.

In fact, the only BIG name managing in the Premier League was just sacked for squandering 150million quid on crap !.

Personally, I see every quality that we need now in Lambert. He is hungry, he is ambitious, he has experience in UK and abroad, he plays good football, and most importantly for me – he has a track record for taking over under achieving clubs and making them achieve.

I said after the Bolton match we needed him, the situation on that night v Bolton reminded me of the day we played in 1987 when Hodge (forgive me) passed to their player to score. What we needed then was a guy who was a disciplinarian and could change the entire culture of the club quickly.

We got Taylor and the rest is history.

This situation mirrors that, and Lambert mirrors GT in his ambition.

I am 100% happy with this appointment (if it is) and I can bet we will be back in the top 6 within 2 years.

CyprusDave said:

Those people who say Lambert is boring need to talk to any Norwich supporters. Primarily he is an excellent man manager, but he also has the ability to buy players cheaply and then to motivate them to play to their best. Remember those days when a Villa manager could actually motivate players??? All managers come with a risk factor. Lambert is a risk. But, his background says he is successful, he was the manager of Colchester who beat Norwich 7-1 on the first day of the season. The Norwich board immediately sacked Gunn and appointed Lambert. In the same season they were promoted to the Championship, from which they were promoted in the following season to the Premier league. Last season they finished above us with a squad of players costing less than ONE Villa player. This guy has got an excellent pedigree.


He’s had two promotions on a shoestring budget and had an excellent first season in the Prem. He didn’t compromise on his ideals of good football when arrived in the Prem either. They have been a very good side to watch, full of heart and determination. Truth is, we can pick holes in any manager. Every manager has his bad times (and shocking signings). But considering what he’s done and at his young age, plus the fact he strikes me as competitive and hungry for success, I feel he would be a great fit for us. We don’t have the money for big signings. We need to get the best out of what we have and underpay for for some players. I think when you look at our needs, he ticks a lot of boxes.

* But of course, any of us could be wrong. It’s inevitably a speculation. All appointments are a risk to a degree.

Yoda… a Norwich fan:

Hi boys Norwich fan here . Lambert is an excellent manager who hasn’t put a foot wrong in 3 years , we love him so if you wouldn’t mind nicking someone else that would be good ( not that i think he will leave us for one minute )

RATPACK .. another Norwich fan:

what you get with Lambert is a proper manager who take no crap. If a player is messing about p155ing it up you can bet he will be out of the club asap. He can change tactics up to 3 different formations in a single game, teams struggle to work out which way we play as they are never the same. He believe in young players and not convinced of journey men just wanting the money. We were a shower of shit before he came in losing was the norm for 3 seasons. Unbelievable bloke i would say he`s one of the best managers I’ve ever seen here…….mike walker always close to my heart for finishing 3rd that season the only other near him.

I spoke with the producer of the SSN show when I had a quick interview the other week, he was a Norwich fan and said he would be gutted if Norwich lost him and that with some funds and a project to get his teeth into at Villa, he’d do a good job.


His record at all his clubs is very impressive.(after Livingstone)

Team From To Record

Games Won Lost Drawn Win %

Livingston 1 June 2005 12 February 2006: 32 5 20 7 15.63

Wycombe Wanderers 30 June 2006 20 May 2008: 108 44 35 29 40.74

Colchester United 9 October 2008 18 August 2009: 43 19 17 7 44.19

Norwich City 18 August 2009 Present – 142 70 37 35 49.30