Date: 20th June 2018 at 12:39pm
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Some real news to occupy Aston Villa fans today rather than speculation and media guff.

It has now been confirmed that Aston Villa owner Dr Tony Xia can now sell shares to fund our finances given developments over the summer after we missed out on promotion to the Premier League following Play-Off disappointment to Fulham at Wembley.

The BBC are one of a number of outlets this afternoon to report that documents on Companies House now confirm that a restriction on shares has now been lifted.

It means Xia can either seek investments in return for ownership as has been discussed before and then we’ll have to see if down the line that becomes a full sale and takeover or not.

The prospect of having smaller investors in the club now, leaving Xia with a majority control, has been known about for a while now. Although it’s not believed to be his desire, the BBC state that the fresh documents mean a full takeover is on the cards, so we’ll see what happens when it comes to the speculation of groups circling.

Interestingly though, the documents were signed on May 25, the day before the Play-Off final, so with the photo of Xia looking rather anxious at Wembley and the suggestion it was owing to the ramifications of not going up – well I guess that was spot on.

Never a dull day eh, but at least this is another positive step, we just hope have to hope for an enjoyable walk now.

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12 Replies to “Possible Aston Villa Sale Gets A Step Closer As We Look To Solve Our Financial Mess”

  • Hmm…. interesting. I just hope something happens quickly so we can get a bit of clarity on a possible squad for the coming season.

  • Why doesn’t he invite general public to purchase shares. It won’t raise £40 mill but maybe might help to plug a hole.

    • Sadly not, we looked and looked years back and then towards the end of the Randy era we looked again! lol

  • Bob, that is exactly what I was thinking. The only trouble with that was, you may remember, Ellis’s share issue ended up with Bendall buying up all the shares, and the shenanigans that followed – the missing funds, police investigations, a senior club official going to jail. and ending up with massive debts.
    You would like to think that the “fit and proper” tests would prevent this happening today, but the situation we are in now suggest that might not be the case.
    I think a public share issue would be a great idea, giving fans a say in how the club is run, but there would need to be safeguards preventing a hostile takeover.

  • There a lot of small potential investors out there I know of investors that would stump up 50k, I think the problem lies with timing. It would be good to see some positive news around the club.

  • If hes going to sell I just hope he makes a quick decision, sticks to it and then puts it down to experience and moves on. If it turns out to be a new dawn that never broke then so be it. He wont lose face like Lerner did if he acts quickly and decisively. We can all say well he tried but it wasn’t to be, but I,m afraid of another long drawn out saga before we change hands again.

  • What we don’t know is the good Dr’s ability to drive the current situation. It may be that events will now control him and force his hand, that maybe the biggest threat of all. What he does or does not wish to do may be irrelevant now. Who knows! Could be scary days.

  • Where are the Saudis with there oil billions,when you need them,why is the midlands worthy.

  • somebody tell us how we can keep chester and grealish, without being pickpocketed by the likes of liverpool

  • We don’t need poor fans owning it, no offence we would be useless. Get some millionaire villa fans, 4 or 5, who become guardian’s. 10 mil a share. Dr x is shocking considering position he has put us in. To think we raising shares to pay for his gambling fun. He was always shy about disclosing his wealth fact is we know now he has huge cash flow problems. He still minted in other assets though. One thing we lucky on is he started with nothing. I have a feeling he will get out of this mess, he way more smarter then randy

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