Date: 14th December 2009 at 1:36pm
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Well, Sir Chewalot might not have had much grace in defeat but our Vital Manchester United editor has as he emailed me this morning to congratulate me. Never one to miss a chance (after his pre-match interview sadly got lost in the internet superhighway somewhere), I asked a few questions and a few from him to me will appear later on his site.

1) So, interesting league, you still confident of a PL win?

I’ve never been confident of it since selling Ronaldo and I still think Chelsea will win it. They aren’t great, either but defend better (curse all those injuries at the back!) and have more firepower.

2) How long with Sir Chewalot continue do you think, he still seems totally obsessed so a good while yet I imagine?

Most of us would be happy to see him continue forever – I guess he’s got 2-3 years ahead though.

3) What did you make of the loss deserved or were you robbed?

Villa were adventurous and open in the first half and defended brilliantly in the second so on the whole you deserved the victory. But, strangely enough, I also think we can consider ourselves somewhat unlucky as we had enough chances to win.

4) Sir Alex and his ref rant, surely sometimes he could just lose with grace?

He’s not the best loser in the history of the game, that’s sure and it means he’s scorned even when he’s right. On this occasion, I’m afraid he was right: three Villa players received treatment on the pitch in the second half plus there were five substitutions (and whisper it: a little time wasting from Villa as well) – there should have been around five minutes of injury time. But we were never going to get that, not after the outcry following the Citeh game.

5) What did you make of the Rooney dive? Surely the game shouldn’t condone any player doing that?

Actually, he was booked for it so justice was done. I don’t like to see our players dive but mostly because it’s counter-productive: it makes the referees more reluctant to award penalties even when it’s a foul. What was most disappointing about Rooney’s fall was that he got into a good position and could have created something…

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Oh and whilst we are at it, many congratulations to Ryan Giggs for being named BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Well deserved, makes my top five all time Premier League players, what a player and what a professional…. also does a lot for charity I’m led to believe. Top man.