Date: 26th June 2018 at 12:00pm
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I’m not sure Aston Villa fans should get overly worried about today’s developments in media-land as it pertains to our financial issues.

Some are calling for a statement of clarity from the club and, in particular, for Dr Tony Xia to remember where he’s hidden his phone so he can give us an update in these darker days, given he enjoyed the adulation of social media when spirits were far higher.

Others are covering yesterday’s development:

Xia’s Kingdom For A Loan – Finally A Proper Financial Update Of Sorts

Today’s instalment really should’ve been expected as the press step up to the next phase of covering our financial snafu. Cash flow and our Financial Fair Play hole have been done to death, along with ongoing player sale speculation. We all know the speculation won’t go anywhere until the transfer window shuts and then we might get a day off before it starts again for January.

Anyhoo, with short-term and FFP issues well covered, it’s only natural to eventually look towards what else gets caught in the crossfire and that’s exactly what the Bristol Post did this morning.

Leaning on our purchase of Jonathan Kodjia from Bristol City, they are apparently due the next instalment this summer – along with a few other clubs – and naturally, they have sources within Ashton Gate that have confirmed they are watching our situation with interest.

The Times reported at the beginning of the month we still owed £11million to clubs for transfers, we owe Fulham £6million for Ross McCormack and West Bromwich Albion £2million for James Chester – those payments are final instalments. Brentford are owed £3million with a further instalment to come in January.

Now clearly, with no mention of Kodjia their sums and claims are a little off, but probably close enough to be believed.

All of this would be known to the club anyway, and to those fans who caught the Times’ report, so we’re not suddenly in an even worse position as whatever is going on behind the scenes, these payments will have been factored into whatever plans (hopes?) we have.

What fans really want to know is a concrete update on what our plans actually are.

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9 Replies to “Press Ramp Up Pressure On Aston Villa As Financial Concerns Continue”

  • Our cash worries will be ok once we sell some stock. Sad times that it has come to this. The only thing saving us is the power of the brand.

    • The ‘power of the brand’ has nothing to do with it. Head is above water because of emergency loans. HMRC do not care for brands, they want cash.

      • Which again costs us greater interest because of their short-term nature OR lose us money through factoring for the % cash upfront.

  • The situation is we have no money!!! If we keep borrowing money against assets at some point those assets have to be cashed in. I believe there are buyers out there who want the club, but I seriously think there waiting for us to go into administration, instead of investing money now eg. Why buy two apples now at full price when you can have the whole bag cheaper later!! As villa fans we need some kind of action to find out what’s happening to our club

    • That’s why I don’t get the small investors idea. Absolute best it just gets their feet through the door possibly.

  • It’s only a matter of time , before AVFC come crashing down,the decline via XIA through Bruce
    and the mercenaries, flops just goes on and on. Bruce has kept escalating the expenditure by
    totally ignoring the academy. Bruce should be sacked immediately,or he will complete the final
    destruction of Avfc.

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