Date: 4th August 2006 at 7:26pm
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Aston Villa fans and shareholders still want chairman and major share-holder Doug Ellis to quit despite the arrival of Martin O’Neill as the new manager.

O’Neill has been the overwhelming choice of supporters to try and revive Villa since the departure of David O’Leary just over a fortnight ago.

But they still believe a new consortium has to take control of Villa and provide O’Neill with the funds needed for strengthening the squad.

There is speculation American billionaire Randy Lerner is returning to England to try and complete a takeover of Villa.

A joint statement by the Villa Shareholders’ Association and supporters Group Villa Fans Combined reads: ‘The appointment of Martin O’Neill is a popular move with the vast majority of fans.

‘Martin O’Neill has been successful wherever he has been and he could build an empire at Villa. He will be like a breath of fresh air to Aston Villa.

‘The last time that such unity was shown by supporters in welcoming a new manager was probably when Ron Saunders was appointed – or maybe Ron Atkinson.

‘The fact Martin O’Neill has come to Villa now is because he probably wants to get the playing side sorted out before the new season starts.

‘But it is hoped the arrival of Martin O’Neill is the signal for the departure of Doug Ellis.

‘Success will only return when a new board with fresh ideas is in place. There is no better time for Mr. Ellis to step aside with consortiums wanting to buy Aston Villa.

‘A lot of Premier League chairman will not be pleased with Villa getting Martin O’Neill as manager and also if we get a new board in place because they will recognise the club could become a major threat again.

‘We would anticipate Martin is coming now because he believes a new consortium will eventually be in place and funds made available.’

In other news we can exclusively reveal that Mr Jonathan Fear was refused permission to attend the press conference. More on this shocking story later!


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  • According to Pat Murphy, BBC FiveLive, Randy Lerner flew back into town today. Ellis was on good form during the Press conference, he knows he is on the way out.

  • I hope the Randy Lerner story as mentioned by Pat Murphy is true, but I also hope that the reported refusal of Jonathan Fear into the press conference proves to be false. That is simply not acceptable, and obviously we all await more details.

  • Got to say MON came over as a breath of fresh air. You can just sense the pent up frustration of the man. I get the feeling that he will move heaven and earth to put Villa back to where we belong and I haven’t felt this enthused about the Villa for many m

  • glensider – JF rang me to tell me he had been put in a blacklist and was not let in. This is the sort of club you have now. Lets see what sort of club you have in a weeks time.

  • Which oily toad do you mean Ellis or Stride?
    What an excellent appointment, although a a badly kept secrety. All we want now is some positive news regarding Randy.
    The only way is up

  • I was just reading on the BBC site that MON has met twice with Lerner recently. Please let this be the start of something wonderful! I’ve just made my first toast to the new manager!

  • even though I don’t have the details , why didn’t they let JF into the press conference ? He has the best interests of the club at heart! Come on Doug , time to go !!!!! I enjoyed your banter with MON ! but you are still a scrooge ! ! Au revouir !!!! and

  • This is the best news the club have had in over twenty years. Frankly, I didn’t think O’Neill would touch Villa with or without Ellis. I rate him as one of the best three or four managers in the country, I thought the FA were idiots not to appoint him Eng

  • Perhaps Lerner is going with Doug and MON to see the boys in Germany and chat over the propose bid, its like xmas ealy if this goes to plan. Oh joy unbounded.

  • Ellis was on good form? is that a joke? he called one reporter a cnut, tried to be clever by remembering who one lady worked for and got it wrong and then forgot whether O’Neills team were travelling with him tommorow. God he better go soon.

  • good luck to you’s, u now have the best boss in britain, hope he brings as much success to villa as he did to the bhoys

  • deanovilla, the man is over 80 years old, many people his age can’t remember their own name or where the toilet is, cut the old boy some slack. He’s going, don’t worry.

  • What happened to the ‘lil’ Blue nose – gone for good now – roll on the the glory—-glory,glory Aston Viiiiiilla, Glory, Glory Aston Viiiiiilla…THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!!!!!

  • To be honest, I think it won’t matter WHO is the manager, as long as you’ve still got this joker Ellis at the top the club won’t go anywhere.

  • Congratulations on Martin O’Neill, he is an excellent manager and after O’Leary will be a welcome alternative, good luck for the coming season except when playing Tottenham, and continue with your efforts to get that bugger Ellis out, you’re nearly there

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