Date: 10th March 2006 at 12:45pm
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Vital Villa asked, following all the controversy surrounding the manager, whether David O’Leary was right to tell fans they needed to ‘get real’ or more exactly, that we need to be more realistic.

24% agreed that we did. Probably blue noses?! ;-))
5% said he wasn’t right at all and the vast majority (71%) said he was wrong telling us to get real and that he should himself get lost!

Problem at Villa at the moment, and it will remain this way until Ellis goes, is that everything seems far too negative. Over the period of 8 years we have seen ourselves go from contenders to also rans and the anger is never far from the surface.

Some of what O’Leary is saying is totally right, he just needs to learn to say it better. What he should also do, in my humble opinion, is perhaps keep his opinions to himself slightly more until he achieves what he thinks Villa are funded for. So, lets have no more ‘digs’ at players, fans or the club until you get us into the top ten eh David?

Maybe his anger, frustration or opinions would be better directed at the board and more specifically Ellis? After-all, wasn’t it ‘that’ man who blocked Villa from buying the now England No 1? He blocked O’Leary from getting Kevin Phillips a few seasons before we did finally buy him (O’Leary wanted to buy him directly from Sunderland, but Ellis wouldn’t pay for the star striker) and he has blocked every move for the quality players that O’Leary says he targeted.

Happy days all round. Perhaps not, but he should never forget the fans – despite a great deal of provocation and grief – are proud of their club and don’t take well to it being attacked.

Back the pride of lions, don’t bash them please!


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  • Its very easy for the manager to identify ‘good’ players such as Jenas and then say we cant afford them, but i dont see Bolton spending millions and look where they are. There are players around there just doesnt seem to be a great effort to find them. Ho

  • Big Sam doesn’t pay vast transfer fees but his chairman is prepared to pay high wages to attract Bosmans, etc. Can you honestly see Ellis agreeing to sign unproven Prem players like Okacha, Campo, Borgetta, Hierro, etc. and paying them big bucks? He’d con

  • DOL can harp on as much as he likes about us not being a big club anymore, but what is the excuse for not being able to compete against Bolton, Wigan, Blackburn etc. all of which have similar or less of a budget than us and less of a fan base!

  • A team manager is judged solely on results, and in that aspect DOL is struggling. Team performances border on the abysmal at times, and the finger of guilt aimed at O’Leary blames his lack of motivational ability and tactical awareness. I still believe th

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