Date: 12th January 2006 at 12:14pm
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Aston Villa Investment Ltd (AVIL) have said they are still hoping the deal to wrestle power away from Doug Ellis is still on and claim the next 48 hours are ‘crucial.’

It appears it could well be put up or shut up time.

The Mail have a quote from a ‘source’ close to the bidders saying the deal is ‘still alive’.

A Villa spokesman said ‘We have not been informed of any change to the position. Our statement to the Stock Exchange still stands.’

Other reports suggest that the deal is about to collapse as AVIL are £10million short and Doug is insisting on sticking to his asking price.

Harry Harris of the Express claims that Doug is about to pull the plug on the deal. That could well be true as again, no formal bid has been made and there appears to be growing concern that no bid will be made.

Lets face it, the communication from both parties has been scarce and unclear. Despite due diligence, shareholders and fans alike could have been given slightly better updates!

What amazes me, especially as Doug is in such poor health, is that no other bidders have come forward. Rumours persist that others have approached, but apart from whispers, there is no proof at all of this and there can’t have been any formal approaches as they would have to be reported to the City.


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  • Get real folks, the old boy is sticking to his guns. He’s always said we would have to carry him out in a box!! As for a takeover, it’s a fairly basic commercial practice to price too high, when you don’t really want to sell. Final thought, just think of

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