Date: 14th May 2018 at 5:34pm
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Please tell me that this is a joke?

There seems to be growing talk on the Twittersphere that some fans might be looking at a pitch invasion tomorrow night if Aston Villa win the semi-final of the play-offs.

Yup. Worth repeating. A pitch invasion for winning a two-legged game v Middlesbrough!

Fair enough, it gets us to Wembley, but this is the play-offs, we’ve won nothing, yet. I’d not even go on the pitch IF we won the play-off final. It’s still coming 3rd isn’t it? It’s massive, it is needed and I hope and pray we win and get promoted, so don’t get me wrong. But come on. Really?

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I detested the pitch invasion a few years back when we won the right to play at Wembley in the FA Cup semi-final. Again, we’d won nothing – and ultimately didn’t win anything.

Why oh why would people risk a banning order for this? The pitch is not our place anyway in my ever so humble, unless invited on – I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited on a few times – I’d never walk on our hallowed turf.

We need to respect we are Aston Villa, not some tinpot small time club that would celebrate winning a raffle prize.

Yes, if we win, we will be going to Wembley, but only via a £ootball manufactured tournament to generate more of that filthy lucre for the authorities. So no, I’ll not be singing Que Sera or doing a pitch invasion. I support a massive club and I will support them accordingly..! I will, however, be banging the boardings throughout the game!

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2 Replies to “Que Sera And Pitch Invasions – This Is Aston Villa, You’ve Got To Be Joking”

  • I’d not invade the pitch the pitch in its current state – might get my trainers dirty. I think I’ll wait until its relaid.

  • I shall definitely be invading the pitch. Leaping from my seat in the Trinity Upper, flapping my arms (it works on the Wii) all the way to the centre circle. Why are we being threatened with penalties? Fulham fans were on the pitch last night and I didn’t hear a squeak of criticism from anyone. Is it just us?

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