Date: 18th April 2006 at 2:25pm
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All of a sudden the fans are David O’Leary’s best friends apparently!

He told the official site that the team have ‘stayed upbeat through a frustrating spell and they’ve worked hard to get the results to pull us clear of any trouble’ adding, in what can only be viewed as yet another – late – pr attempt to win the Villa (sugarbag) faithful over.

‘Within that, the young lads have stood up to be counted and they’ve really been helped by the fans. The response from the fans in recent weeks has been tremendous.’

He now wants the team to go on a run: ‘We said all last week that we wanted to look at the teams above us, not below. The results went well for us this weekend and now we can look to overhaul a few teams. I’m looking forward to tonight’s game and the next four games as we try to get as many points as possible and end the season on a high.’

Now all that would have been fine and dandy, so why then spoil it by saying: ‘We could even get past our points total for last season and that would be a lovely way to shut a few people up. That’s what football’s all about.’

Who does he want to shut up? Have the fans, pundits, reporters, ex managers etc been right in saying that this season has been a disaster?

Villa have games against Wigan (tonight), Manchester City, Liverpool and Sunderland left. So far we’ve won only nine games all season (losing 13, drawing 12). Hmmm, sugarbags indeed.

O’Leary needs to get more than 45 points to beat Graham Taylor’s record for the worst season in the Premiership at Villa.


6 Replies to “Race For Worst Prem Season Ever!”

  • You should be so lucky !! I was chatting to an Arsenal fan the other day, and he was disappointed that they were gonna finish 4/5th in the prem and maybe get to a champions league final. Blimey !! I can only dream of something like that,lol.

  • What a prat.

    If no one moaned, we’d probably be relegated, Why does DOL think we dont have a right to moan? ANy half decent manager wouldve got a lot more out of the squad hes got

  • He seems to have a real problem..when we are on a terrible run yet when we get a decent result and everybody is on the up he just cant resist having a dig at people. Grow up DOL for gods sake!

  • The only person I would like to see “shut up” is the idiot making the statements in the first place, God I find the man icredibly irritating.

  • To be fair he doesn’t say who he wants to shut up and the attitude should be that he rams the words down his critics throats, but he’s got to do that by actions, not more talk surely? Next season if he is still here, I hope he proves to be a fantastic ma

  • Well DOL is giving it a ******* good go to be statistically our worst manager in 20+ years isnt he!

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