Date: 15th May 2007 at 11:14am
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Randy, a message to you.

Was listening to The Specials, Rudi a message to you, the other day and thought, maybe we should send a message to Randy! You know me, any tenuous link will do!

So here you go, leave article comments (this is one for front page article comments only, not the forum thread) and I’ll do my best to make sure Randy Lerner reads what the fans think of him and what is happening at Villa.

Long live the Randylution!


39 Replies to “Randy, A Message To You”

  • Make sure you are generous with your money this summer…. oh, and can you please make Michael Owen a priority purchase

  • What a fantastic wonderful chairman. I think we must be the only fans in the premiership who think so highly of our new leader. This time last year supporting AVFC was a chore, this year evrything is bright and rosy. We have the best manager, the best owner and team running the club and very soon the best team in the land. Thanks Randy and all those helping to return this club to it’s rightful position.

  • I will finish what simonwoburn was trying to say: “Randy I love you and want to have your babies”.

  • Under the previous chairman and manager there were tears of anger. This season the appearance of Ron Saunders before the Manure game and the European Cup Winners before the Sheffield Utd game produced tears of joy. I believe that in 20 years time fans to young to remember the 70/80’s will look back on the next few years with same fondness. It is unbelievable that you have managed to give us back our pride in our history and hope for our future in such a short space of time. Thank you.

  • Randy,

    You bought the club and it made news! I read the news and followed along to see what all the fuss was about. Now I am an Aston Villa fan and have made many new friends because of it. I thank you for that 🙂
    Live from Lousiana

  • Our History is our foundation, built by great men like William McGregor,Fred Frinder, Joe Grierson and George Ramsey.They wanted to make a difference and to build a great club. I believe you have the same intentions and with time your name will fall alongside these pioneers of our club.So heres to our bright future and with your vision and passion the Great Lion will Roar!

  • Ok now my serious one….Randy will you be putting an American Flag on the Stadium with all the other Flags? I wouldn’t mind the old Stars and Stripes, heck I wouldn’t mind if the away kit was Stars and Stripes that’s how much I thank you for everything you have done so far.

  • Having been the laughing stock of English football with our aged previous owner I can only say a very big thank you for the fact that now people have stopped laughing and are starting to take real notice of us again. I do not expect miracles overnight, I do not expect us to break into the top 4 next season but I do believe that a new era of sustainable success is just around the corner for our mighty club. The single important factor in this is you and long may you reign!!!!

  • onelovevilla …. what a great post. I had not thought of it that way. Many great and successful business men are soon forgotten. As the owner of a successful football club though your name will go down in history (as with the names you mentioned). Randy you have made a great start and you are in serious danger of becoming a legend at one of the worlds greatest football institutions. As time goes by, the more fickle may even make you think twice about your role (many football fans are like that). But stay strong, employ the best staff and ensure that you always have the very best manager available (this will be important when M’ON goes). Keep up the wonderful work.

  • Thank you Mr Lerner. Let the good times roll. Oh and could you please buy the coach that took the Villa team to Wembley for the 1957 FA Cup Final. It’s currently in the Aston Manor Transport Museum but the owner is thinking of selling it. This important (and beautiful) piece of Villa history should remain where it is. In Aston.

    Thank you.

  • you are and absolute ledgent and i have nothing but praise for you.I truely believe you are the man to take our beloved football club forward!thanx Randy!

  • Thankyou Randy,we are very lucky to have you and i don`t think you may realise the hope you`ve given us all,8 of us there on Saturday renewing our tickets so we`ll leave our beloved Villa in your hands and can`t wait til next season.

  • Love the new logo Randy, I’m so convinced that as a poor university student in South Wales I will be purchasing a season ticket for the coming season. I had one before i moved down here, but couldn’t afford the travel.

  • Thank you Mr Lerner Sir! Our devotion to our beloved club has tested our resolve many times over the years, but we now can see a vision! We believe you want our club to succeed beyond the previous ownerships expectations.We believe you have a desire and passion to mirror our own. We believe you are the best thing that could have happened to our club. We believe you will get the right people in, in all places in and around the club……….and above all………We believe in you! Thank you sir! We salute you!

  • A bit early in the day for a statement like that OneLove. Time will tell, although, I’m as excited as I have ever been about the Villa. Infact, as excited as when my old man took to Villa Park for the very first time, even though we were playing Blackpool in the third division.

  • Thank you Mr Lerner for rescuing our beloved club and providing us all with so much optimism for the future in such a short space of time. I’d like to thank you also for recognising our illustrious history and for the humble and gracious way you have conducted yourself. You have achieved more in 12 months, than the previous chairman (i’ve forgotten his name now) did in 30 years. Thank you!

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