Date: 20th April 2014 at 10:58am
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Lots of takeover talk and I got asked on our facebook page why we`d not covered it.

Fair comment.

We do have a forum thread on the rumours (Click Here) but for me they are just that, rumours. Some are presenting this as a done deal. I simply don`t believe it is and I`m slightly bored now of fans getting wound up in excitement over stuff that isn`t true. It isn`t nice, it isn`t fair! We had a 30 or more page thread on Arab`s taking over the Club. Then Chinese. One rumour linked an Austrian, then we had Red Bull. None had any substance at all.

The latest has named a couple of mega rich Americans with a combined wealth of £17billion. Nice. But…..!

What I do believe is that we have a willing seller in Randy Lerner.

He said at the start if anyone comes along who can take us forward he would listen and wouldn`t hold Villa back. Obviously after sorting (and it needed sorting) the infrastructure we have stalled under Randy but I don`t believe he`ll just offload us to any Tom, Dick or Harry. He will want to make sure Villa is protected. No matter what anyone says about Randy, he is a decent guy. He might not have succeeded, he might well have now retreated and yes, it is driving many of us mad watching the decline and the awful boring football etc but if he could now move us on, he would be able to go with dignity and I think for some with thanks.

But as said, I simply don`t believe we have a done deal.

It doesn`t add up with the contacts I`ve spoken to, they and I could be wrong, fine, hope so in this instance, but this is the same as the other links, same questions, same answers and some people saying ‘no smoke without fire` where there is actually no fire.

As said, I`m not saying that Randy wouldn`t sell to the right people if they approach, so a takeover could happen. But one isn`t in due diligence or set to be announced. For one thing do you think if they were in due diligence that they`ve have created a legal situation with the assistant managers? Or are they now ruling by committee?! (No I believe is the answer there!). Also, Randy does his business very privately, look how quickly the Browns went in the end, I could be wrong but as an outsider there weren`t loads of press articles and links before it happened, it was just quick as a flash signed and announced. That is how I expect any takeover at Villa to happen IF there is someone daft enough to want to join this Premiership circus.

I do think we are one of only a few prospective Clubs, there is Villa, the historic and mighty club who founded the league, Everton but they need a new ground and training facilities, Newcastle but they`ve been available for a long time with no takers, then as a more outside punt the likes of Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday. Oh and you also have Tottenham but that would be London prices and obviously they are having to have a new stadium etc. We have all the infrastructure, just not the team!

Neil Moxley is a good reporter with his ears to the ground, he says today Click Here

Sunday People Sport understands that the new prospective owner already owns a sports club – a Major League Baseball team. But it appears that no deal is imminent after initial talks between the two parties broke down. Discussions have hit a snag and, at present, there is nothing concrete on the table.

One thing our struggles at the bottom half of the table AND these press reports do though, is to potentially put us in the shop window. I do look at these sort of mega rich owners and lament the way football has gone, but in the modern Premiership world, only silly money will bring any success. It is a shame, but it is a fact. I do also have the usual worry of if the next lot (if and when) are better. I always used to worry when agitating for Ellis to go what would come next, the same worry has to always been on the minds of fans I guess, you don`t know until they come in where they`ll take a club and we`ve seen some massive disasters at other clubs over the years. However, this stagnation can`t continue.

I must say a lot of the reports at the moment suggesting it is massive news that Randy Lerner would sell at a given price is hardly news at all, surely most people understand that everything has a price and Randy said at the start he`s a custodian and would move aside if he can`t do a good enough job.

I do find it difficult to believe that brokers doing deals would leak this out to people to start tweeting by the way. I was involved in a small way last time and got to see how things worked. It was all very cloak and dagger, non disclosure agreements, secrecy and loads of negotiating and that was at a time that the Club was full of leaks and gossip!

Funny old game. Whatever happens, we do need an injection of renewed hope at Villa, to see us season after season struggling is not where a Club of this pedigree should be and Randy Lerner isn`t stupid enough not to realise that.