Date: 5th January 2007 at 11:27am
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Martin O’Neill says that Randy Lerner is bursting to bring some players in as he experiences his first transfer window.

The Villa boss enthused: ‘Randy is enthusiastic and wants to get going – but it might be all wild goose chases and we end up with nothing. He’s keen to sort things out but he’s not here specifically because it’s the transfer window. I wouldn’t read anything into it – it’s only because the Cleveland Browns’ season is over and I think he had a number of issues to address there.’

‘He has his own businesses to sort out while he’s here and I think he wants to use every minute if he can to help us. He’s hoping to be here for a good part of the next three months and base himself more here for the next couple of months than America. He’s really enthusiastic, which is great.’

He also says Randy really wanted to get involved with Villa despite other clubs wanting him to get involved with them. ‘He chose Villa. And I think he’s done his best to read about the history and get the whole thing going. I feel he doesn’t want to speak until he’s done something. I don’t think he’s a fool.’


27 Replies to “Randy As Keen As Mustard”

  • Ever heard the story about the jar of mustard that spent £20 million in one month? I love stories.

  • Lets not beat about the bush here, we have been in need of some quality signings for a long time. As time with Ellis has gone on without these signings this need has grown and grown. When Randy et al took over in the summer they did not have long so we all understood that one signing was acceptable (and appreciated) given the circumstances. Now, however if the owners are serious about making us a force to be reckoned with we must buy quality in this transfer window and more than one player.

    Why? If we continue our form we could be right down there come the end of the season and then who will we be able to attract over the summer? The lower you finish the lower your prize money so this makes the business case for expensive signings harder to make. Ticket sales need improving and its going to be very difficult to do that without the optimism new blood provides. We have been patient and understanding but now its time for action if the revolution is real.

  • its all well and good saying we should buy quality in this window tylervilla,but the best players historically dont change clubs until the summer.thats what makes the jan transfer window such a farce its just there for pannick buys.bring back the old system.

  • But if we dont buy someone now jason we might be in a slight battle down the bottom again, thats what you call a pannick. We need a bigger squad now and the quality should come in the summer.

  • Randy is a shrewed business man, MON is a shrewd manager…im hoping they have some surprises up their sleeve for us. Lerner will definately know that you need to spend at and initial 50m then 30m per season to get into the champions league and stay there.

  • agreed Jason but they do happen examples from Jan06…..Samaras £6m, Dean Ashton £7.5m, Theo Walcott £5m.

  • It’s all about whether we can get the players that MON has identified and I’m sure we won’t be spending money for the sake of it. As Jason says, it is not always possible to get quality in January and although we are desperate to improve the squad, if we have to wait until the summer to get real quality then so be it

  • JASON & Geordie “but the best players historically dont change clubs until the summer.” What examples do you have in mind? Not convinced by this argument considering hammers have just signed Boa Morte for 5m. We are lookind at least 20m for two decent players – particularly as we are offering potential and are not challenging for the top 6.

  • Randy is not an idiot he knows damn full well what has to be done, Villa has been a rollercoaster ride for a long time, and under our previous “ownership/management” more downs than ups, but the times they are a changing, sit back and enjoy the ride

  • im not convinced that boa morte is worth not saying dont buy players but what i am saying is that the targets that can lift us arnt normally available until summer time.

  • Jan always adds a few million on to a half decent players price tag he would have been worth 5 mill 2 years ago not havin a great season so far.If we get in a couple of loans and buy the odd player and maybe welcome back hendrie it would give us a bit of depth put us in a good league position at the end of season so we can attract quality, or not get anyone and its squeaky bum time all the way to the end!

  • I have said all along that I do not expect much business to be done in the January transfer window. However We are currently the 10th best supported club in the league in terms of numbers. In terms of support against ground capacity we are 18th I believe, ahead of Blackburn and Wigan. So to all supporters thinking that we have a right or a duty to expect a certain level of spend , then I suggest they should get real. Why should we expect Randy to support us more than we have supported him? If he spends more than 10 other clubs do he has punched above his weight. If we had filled our ground every week then we could probably expect the spend levels to reflect this. As supporters we need to look at ourselves before we start judging others and we have been found wanting?

  • JASON I would say Boa Morte is better than what we currently have in terms of our striking options, wouldn’t you? If we want better, we’re gonna have to pay far more than 5m!

  • voiceoftheholte, so using your line of argument we should be looking at players in the price bracket of Benni McCarthy and Emule Huskey & Boa Morte? I would still argue these players are better than we currently have. The fans have got into the routine of watching the games down the boozer on Sky wiuth their mates. We are still feeling the effect of the old regime, until we start winning more games or buying exciting bigger names, the fans will still be in a “wait and see” mode.

  • buy 2/3 players now to steady the ship, make us an attractive proposition for summer transfers and get some bums on seats. We can then pick and choose in the summer. The fans and players need them even if they are not from europes elite. Im confident we will sign someone in the window as there are a few weeks left yet and clubs are bound to not accept the first bids.

  • Good to read about Mr Lerner. He is somewhat reclusive (no problem to me whatsoever), so reading the insight of MON talking about RL is a bonus. The guy’s alright by me. Stays in the U.K. for too long though and he’ll return to The Buckeye State speaking with a Brummie accent.

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