Date: 26th May 2009 at 4:51pm
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Oh for the love of God, you can’t shut this man up!!!!!!! (JOKE, JOKE…!!!!)

Sir Randy of Lerner has been talking to the press at seasons end by the looks of it, he has already said that he hopes to keep hold of Gareth Barry and has warned other clubs to forget bidding for Gabby Agbonlahor and Ashley Young: Randy Speaks

He has now also talked about summer spending plans.

He says he knows like all clubs that money will need to be made available for the summer and says he is also conscious ‘of managing the players leaving and trying to generate funds from that. It is a balancing act but, yes, there will be funds. Will the credit crunch impact on funds available this summer? I don’t really view the credit crunch as a big issue in terms of the funding for the summer. But, if anything, what has gone on in the economy makes you very conscious of building a sustainable business because, in the end, that is what you are responsible for doing.’

He does also warn, ‘To the extent that you are deficit spending, maybe you should think very hard about how you are ultimately going to pay it off and the consequences of not being able to pay it off.’

He also refuses to say if £50million will be available again because he says that will just drive up the price of any players Villa go for in the summer but knows we need a good few players incoming:

‘Do we need quite a few more players? I think we have discussed it. I think we have got players who are very good, and been recognised as very good, and a certain amount of continuity is starting to set in which is a part of the formula for success, I don’t think ‘quite a few’ is necessary the right formula because ‘quite a few’ could imply you are constantly over-hauling and, when you do that, you pay the price of having guys who aren’t used to playing with each other.’

Adding that the size of the squad is down to the manager and if he said he needed to increase it he would take MON’s word for it.

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13 Replies to “Randy Happy For Villa To Spend Again”

  • Very clever use of words. No guarantee of a particular amount. In fact no guarantee of any amount. However it seems that we have a chairman and a respected manager singing from the same hymn sheet. They have both made mistakes. M’ON in my opinion has made several and Randy very very few. But we are moving forward. Our greatest opportunity of moving forward is continuity. The only way this changes is if you have a bottomless pit of money (as Chelski did have and Man citeh do have). We don’t. The last three years has (and how quick has that flown by??) seen us restablish ourselves. We have become a club with pride, ambition, class, better supported and are looked at with envy by many aspiring to be in our position. The last 3 months has been a disappointment, but we all new there would be (and will be even more) ups and downs. But we are now probably in the most stable position since I started supporting the club at the end of the 60’s. It is this stability that will be the foundation of any future success. Manure, Murderpool, The Arse are testament to the value of stability. The Barcodes, Leeds, Southampton, Charlton are all clubs that are examples of what happens when you lose stability to chase the dream that others are better placed to get. Saunders had to take steps forward, then backwards and sideways before he got to where he needed to be. M’ON has to do the same against a much changed, different and challenging environment. Those with sense can look beyond short term failings to see the long term return. Those supporters of the Ellis style of Chairmanship who want a change every time we go through a difficult patch, really should wake up and smell the coffee.

  • If I had a son Id call him Randy (if my surname wasn’t Bride).The man is the best chairman in the world.

  • Absolutely agree VOTH, we are very lucky to be in the position we are in today – regardless of where we finished in the league table.

  • VOTH, well said!!! About time a Villa fan with a bit of sense spoke out. How many comments do you think we’ll go in this particular article before Moscow is brought up?

  • As I said PBAVFC. M’ON. imho has made mistakes, Moscow (and Leicester and QPR), selling Cahill, formations over the last 3 months, buying Harewood, not playing Shorey whilst playing Luke Young at left back etc. But there are so many good things that have happened, they far outweigh the negatives. Like all fans we want to win the League, Champions League, FA Cup, League Cup, Miss World, The Eurovision Song Contest and Britains Got Talent. I am more than happy to be establishing ourself at the top end over a period of years whilst we plan for an all out assault on these goals. Or we could just change the manager and return to the Ellis years. Strachan, Sbragia, Curbishley, Klinsmann (thats for you 48), Gregory anyone??? They are all available!

  • VOTH – in all my time on this site – that must be the most intelligent Reasoned, factual, and unbiased comments made. Well said mate. I started supporting in the early 60’s so grew up under the other regimes, and we are moving in the right direction.

  • Thank you Naz. And everybody else that agreed with my reasoning. No doubt there will be those that disagree. Albarnista and 48 spring to mind. It doesn’t mean that I, or them are right, but it is just my opinion.

  • I don’t drink coffee and to be honest hate the smell. The club is 100% moving in the right direction, I have utter faith in the board of AVFC and in Randy (and you will find 48 who you mention voiceoftheholte also feels the same and has said so on many occassions). The fact some ‘dare’ talk about the manager and question tactics, football, players, etc shows how far we have come as we no longer have to talk about the politics at the club. Long may that continue.

  • Too right JF – it was the politics more than anything that nearly destroyed our great club, but once we got the roots and branch change (remember that mate!) we have moved onward. With the right infrastructure – regardless of who the manager is or will be – the club will move forward and upward (hopefully).

  • Agreed Naz, that is the thing that now surprises me when sometimes MON going is mentioned and people say we could get no better/bigger. Do people really not see the size of the club? We could attract top international managers to Villa Park, of that I’m sure (some say that is MON, fine, that is a different argument). The trianing ground is second to NONE now, the regime in charge are secure and Randy has proved to be great in not hogging the limelight etc like some chairman. Villa is a big club, I find it amazing some don’t realise that!

  • We are a reasonable sized club. But big clubs (and even some smaller ones) would have fans that sell out the ground every week. We can’t even do that.

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