Date: 14th January 2013 at 10:29am
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astvil123 says: Randy, Help Paul Fix The Mess You Made!!

It is quite clearly a crisis at Aston Villa, yet again, for the third year in a row. It is horrible for the club, for the players, but most importantly, for us, the fans.

We recently cut one person out of the club, along with his backroom staff and claimed the ‘cancer’ had gone. He did need to go, no question of that, but the ‘cancer’ is still here, and it is located in our financial accounts.

I look around and see some fans want Lambert out, despite recently arriving to fix the same mess some are blaming him for. Others want Randy out and I can see why they have arrived at this decision. Despite heavily investing in the club financially since he arrived in 2006, we have gone full circle and ended up in a worse position, with arguably a worse squad. Finally, others want Paul Faulkner out. I don’t know Paul personally, however, I know people who do. They speak very highly of him. I can tell from listening to my friends that he is a nice guy and clearly doing something right. Look at the sponsorship deals he is striking to increase revenue to help balance the books. I don’t blame Faulkner for the wage bill mess; Randy has backed his managers and Paul has signed their chosen transfer targets. Is it his fault players and their agents are greedy and ask for so much money? No, of course not. I’m not trying to aim the blame at someone because that won’t improve out situation, but surely something can be done to prevent our inevitable relegation?

In the 2010-2011 season, Houllier lost the dressing room. We have seen the comments from players after he left, they all wanted out. When the January window arrived that season, over £30M was spent in fees and a reported £170,000 a week in wages was used to sign Michael Bradley, Kyle Walker, Jean Makoun and Darren Bent. We stayed up and prevented losing our Premier League TV revenue.

Surely, something similar has to be done this season?

When Lambert was given £20M to spend in the summer, we had a squad of 25 players who had just survived relegation by two points, with one being critically ill (Petrov), one out with a long term injury (Dunne) and another without a visa to work in England, who apparently can’t even speak English (Makoun).

What a mess! Lambert was given £20M to add numbers to a small squad, lacking Premiership quality, leadership, strength, height and experience, without increasing the wage bill too much. Some say ‘Nothing is impossible’ but I disagree, the task set for Paul in the summer was! Lambert signed some good players (including Guzan, who some forget had left when Paul joined) and these players have been some of our best performers this season, along with Weimann. This should make fans wake up and see Lambert has potential. Did he sign Ireland, N’Zogbia, Bannan, Albrighton, Hutton, Warnock and Dunne etc? No. So why is he at fault for them being as poor as they were before he came in?

With the Premier League TV revenue increasing from next season onwards due to the new TV rights deal, it is vital we stay up this season. Randy has saved big money on the wage bill in recent years. Many big earners have left Villa, with other big earners Dunne, Warnock and Petrov out of contract in the summer. These three players alone roughly earn a reported £150,000 a week.

Would it not be wise to spend that money on loan deals, or permanently sign Lambert’s main targets, 6 months before this room on the wage bill is available? It would keep us up. It’s an easy solution! One step backwards, two steps forwards, just like in January 2011.

Come on Randy! Save the club. You are one of those to blame for this mess; you have the power to get us out of it. The books do need to be balanced and they will be in time, but please don’t put cost cutting as a priority before Premier League survival. Why balance the books in 3 years at the expense of relegation, when you can do it over 6! years and keep us safely in the top flight?

Come on Randy!! Help YOUR manager!!