Date: 3rd October 2006 at 12:33pm
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Randy Lerner insists he’ll take non of the credit for a turn around in Villa’s fortunes and points the finger at Martin O’Neill as the man who will do the business.

All goes back to the theory of reflected glory really doesn’t it? Get the right manager in, fund him correctly and see the club take off. Then a chairman, any chairman, will get the glory brought reflected in his tenure. Do I need to mention Doug and his failure to take up Brian Clough’s offer to manage us? No, probably not!

Lerner told the official site: ‘Martin O’Neill is the saviour of this club, not me. If Aston Villa are to succeed, he will be the one who puts it back up there again. I have met Martin and he is fantastic. He was the man we wanted and I still think getting him is the most exciting part of the story so far.’

He also says rather promisingly (!) ‘Martin knows there will be money available for transfers but his analysis is what matters – what he needs, what he sees as an achievable rate of growth.’ and the rest is music to the old ears: ‘You don’t meddle with top guys like him or they won’t work for you. You can’t get the best if you spend all day poking them in the ribs.’

How very refreshing.


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  • Nice comments by Lerner there , Think he will be very good for your club … Deadly Doug just held onto the club for too long in the end , you may look back in hindsight and see that as a good thing that he did wait till the offer from Lerner came though

  • This just shows the integrity of the man and his understanding of what is required to get the right balance.He is building the physical structure of the club, training ground,VP & The Holte hotel, etc.. and leaving Martin to do what he needs to build the

  • ok, i’ve had a brainwave – fact – we want the witton renamed. fact- Doug is a penny pinching greedy *******. solution – have a whip round and get doug to change his name to ‘Witton Lane’ thus meaning to honour him, we will have to rename the stand ‘the wi

  • Oh come on Randy this is getting boring now… call us all idiots or something, we just aint used to the man in charge of Villa being so nice!!! 🙂

  • That general he has on the board might come in handy if blues ever get out the fizzy pop league…..speaking of small heath, has anyone noticed the lack of blue shirts around birmingham this season. Get back in your shells and under your rocks because the

  • There’s also a noticeable lack of noses on Villa message boards. If they get promoted they’ll all come out of the woodwork again

  • We cannot spend 80 mill. Look what happened when Wham bought the Argies. Portsmouth last season took ages to gell together when they signed loads. It has to be gradual, team spirit and all that. I mean who would you replace, seems mean to drop anyone

  • I am not keen on the Chelsea route. I believe there are only three types of transfer. 1. Short term as in Chris Sutton. 2. Young world class players that guarantee more quality for a particular position than you already have. 3. Lower league potential. Pl

  • You can spend 80 million – Jose will tell you that. Are we really this insane to say please dont spend as much money as possible on the team we are paying to watch! Money works look at chelsea. I would be happy at either steady progress or major buys but

  • i think even if mon was given £80M, he wouldn’t spend it. he’d only bring in players who can benefit the team. i’d be surprised if we see more than a couple big names and 6 or 7 quality squad members

  • we need a long term replacement for a few players in my opinion, angel is 30 so he has a few years left in him. Delaney is 29 (i think?) even olly is approaching 30 a year or two. We need to find long term replacements/improvements for these sort of playe

  • Ithink Mr Lerner and Mr O,neill have got a lot to answer for, have been coming home on a saturday night smiling and now the missus thinks im having an affair.

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