Date: 16th August 2006 at 10:47am
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I’ve purposely not mentioned this until today, but have asked and been advised I’ll cause no offence by sharing this information.

I’ve mentioned before, mostly in passing, that myself and Navid Nazier have spent a great deal of time talking with advisors to Randy Lerner. I think the fact these people have approached the fans groups is a very positive sign for the future of the club. They are in no doubt that fans need to be treated as the life blood of the club and we’ve certainly hammered that point home.

We’ve spoken about the many gripes of Villa fans and how relations can be re-built. We’ve done our best to relay the mood of the fans whilst making it clear we don’t speak for everyone (hopefully that sentence will avoid me getting yet another slating elsewhere!! It doesn’t suite some agendas but you’ll never see me quoted as saying I speak for all fans or all shareholders, quite frankly I’m not always master in my old household and I live alone!).

I am currently working on a document that I’ll hand over to them, hopefully in the next day or so, outlining some of the gripes that we have all spoken of over the last few years. Many things are just so obvious and they’ve been amazed that they aren’t already in place.

The lack of a museum has certainly struck home and there is an article by Janine Self of the Sun confirming that Randy Lerner will look at providing a Hall Of Fame type of set up.

The great thing is these guys don’t do all the talking, they don’t do any dictating but they do a great deal of listening.

I had the great honour of taking a call from Randy Lerner on Monday. The timing could not have been better, because for the first time I’d allowed myself a bottle of champagne to toast the bid. No sooner had I started supping than the phone rang. Luckily he rang before the bottle was emptied! He came over as a true gent, very down to earth, excited at the proposition and totally no nonsense.

I then spent some time yesterday with two of his American advisors and his British based advisor. It was a most enjoyable experience and again, these guys listen (either that or I speak so much they couldn’t get a word in!).

So why do I like the bid? Believe it or not (and many won’t I’m sure) it isn’t because they approached us personally, it is because they approached the fans groups. The things we’ve suggested could just as easily have been done by Mr Ellis, but whereas – despite meeting us once – he kept us at arms length, these guys want the fans involved, they know the history and pride we have and intend to act as custodians building Aston Villa with us, not in-spite of us.


Will our history be honoured? Yes.
Will we be taken forward? Yes.
Will the team of 82 be included? Yes.
Will people who need honouring be embraced? Yes.
Will money be spent on the team? Yes.
Will Bodymoor Heath be made state of the art? Yes.
Will they plan to re-establish us as a global brand? Yes.
Will they sign Martin O’Neill up long term? Yes.
Will the fans be brought back into the fold? Yes.
Will the fans have representatives? Yes
Will they make me manager or chairman? Oooooooooh noooooooo. 🙂


32 Replies to “Randy Lerner Speaks Our Language”

  • He sounds to good to be true old Randolph. I can just imagine Jon face when he answered the phone “Hello” “Hi Jon it’s Randy!!”

  • haha.. I bet he thought it was a wind up. Just 1 question, you say O’Neill will be signed up long term but when that question was asked of him on SkySports yesterday he denied it and said he doesnt believe in contracts. Seems to be some conflicting inf

  • That would be great the trouble is if someone used the username Randy_Lerner we wouldn’t believe him. Someone would insult him and he might banned us all.

  • I think the corners need to be filled too. The atmposphere just gets lost in Villa Park. Filling the corners and making it more enclosed would make the place a hell of a lot louder.

  • Be careful Mr Fear, maybe Randy was checking you out. Remember the old mafia saying, “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer”.

  • Sorry to nitpick deano but i watched the interview on Sky Sports, MO’N actually declined to answer any questions on takeovers, transfers and contract extensions, stating he’d been to busy with the squad, he didnt say he didnt believe in contracts, just t

  • I really hope this is the real deal, Randy Lerner sounds too good to be true, just that pessamistic side of me keeps nagging that something aint right.
    It’s probably down to being constantly let down by Ellis’ promises that I’m waiting for the inevitable

  • how funny would it be if randy lerner posted on here…i think ive already thought of my ‘new’ user name, watch this space!

  • well played mr fear thansk for the update, if any deserves a presidents seat then it should be you, play your cards right with lerner and you could be sitting in the board room with dougie, your dream come true a chance to work closely with mr aston villa

  • I have to wonder if Mr Lerner has a plan though. He seems to be making promises he cant possibly keep without a huge investment which if he isn’t a true villain could lead to massive losses.

    Is all this just politician talk?

  • The Cleveland Browns fans had a reputation as the best, rowdiest and most rabid fans in our football league. A special section of the new stadium was built for them. Beer and security restrictions cut down on the rowdiness (along with poor teams on the f

  • All of this sounds more in a short space of time than Doug Ellis ever did which speaks volumes for Lerner and his team in wanting to build closer links with supporters. We badly need it too. I’m sure he will do things sometimes that we don’t agree with ov

  • Leothelion and Deanovilla, there are already council approved plans for the redevelopment of the North Stand, taking the capacity to 52,000. The reason that this has not happened is because of our failure to regularly fill the 42,500 seats that we have. A

  • totally agree voiceoftheholte, i sit in the witton and have done since i was 4 with my dad, mr brother and his mrs are season tickets holders in the holte. sometimes in the witton you end up near a family of oppostion fans, which makes you sing louder, bu

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