Date: 24th July 2006 at 11:11am
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Cheap headlines and Chinese whispers! This is potentially an epic week, could it all be happening?

The Mail today led with a headline online, Tycoon ready to make move for Villa.

The article goes on to say The Birmingham Mail reveals the identity of an American tycoon who has entered the bidding to buy Aston Villa. The billionaire is ready to buy the club and has a surprise target for the managers post.

There is certainly a plethora of Chinese whispers doing the rounds. The amount of people ‘in the know’ is growing by the minute and they are all most likely feeding off the scraps from the same people! The excitement is at fever pitch and it looks like bids will be incoming within the next few days and maybe more over the next week or so.

We’ve always been told that people are waiting in the wings for the right time, it seems that they must view now as the right time as Mr Ellis is under immense pressure, 82 years old and not in the best of health.

The Neville approach looks set to be launched, it no longer involves the Comers – the original backers – but he has kept fighting to find new backers in order to resurrect the deal.

And what of the others?

Well, the name the Mail will break with, in my opinion – will be Randy Lerner who owns the Cleveland Browns. Either that or there is more than one American tycoon on the prowl.

Who is Randy? From Wikiepedia, Click Here
Randy Lerner is the owner of the Cleveland Browns franchise in the National Football League (NFL). He became owner of the franchise in October 2002, following the death of his father, Al Lerner, and serves as a member of the league’s Business Ventures Committee.

Lerner graduated from Columbia University in 1984, spending 1983 at Clare College in Cambridge, England. He later graduated from Columbia Law School and is currently a member of the New York State and District of Columbia Bar Associations.

Lerner’s business career began at the Progressive Corporation as an investment analyst. In 1991, he started an independent investment firm with Progress capital called Securities Advisors, Inc. (SAI), which he owned and managed until 2001. SAI initially specialized in arbitrage before shifting its focus to equity investing.

In 1993, Lerner became a director of MBNA (the massive credit card company) before becoming chairman following the death of his father.

Right, so not much money there then!!!!

More on Mr Lerner: Click Here

And the surprise manager in contention? Well, that would spoil the fun, although a certain Italian has been muted through the Chinese whispers. Still rather O’Neil myself!

Anyone else? Talk of the Russia fella seems to have gone away, whispers of an Arabian consortium are still doing the rounds and some have suggested that Doris the tea lady knows more than she is letting on, the minx.

This week, or the next few weeks, could prove to be epic for Aston Villa. Lets all hope and pray eh?


22 Replies to “Randy Lerner To Villa Park?”

  • In 1993, Lerner became a director of MBNA before becoming chairman following the death of his father.

    I had a Villa MasterCard, sad I know, issued by the Royal Bank Of Scotland. Last year I was informed that all credit cards bearing the Villa brand wou

  • Birmingham Mail are claiming Jurgen Klinsman as boss? Find that one strange, he was knackered after the World Cup and returned home to California. Hmmm, Aston or California? Yup, I’d go to Aston as well. COME ON MARTIN O’NEIL!!!!

  • This could well be one of the most important weeks in Villa life (now O’Dreary is gone) for me I would like to see the American as neville seems to be having trouble getting backers meaning money could be tight for players. Imagine an american ty***** and

  • Couldn’t stay off the boards any longer! I’ve been following the stories with at first total embarassment but now more than a glimmer of hope. No more DOL and perhaps even HDE is about to do the right thing. Not sure about Randy Lerner though – what ki

  • lol, yes INVEST, INVEST. Solid investment, football is the most guaranteed business to make loads of money in (!!!!!!!!!).

  • Randy? How are we going to put that into song? Anyway I think Klinsman would be a quality choice if a bit unrealistic. Think of the players who would want to play for him. He could probably have a squad number and play up front with Milan as well.

  • I doubt if Klinsmann really has good knowledge of decent players to sign or the desire to manage a club on a daily basis.
    O’Neill is the better choice but would an american ty***** really take note of what the fans actually want????

  • HDE hasn’t done too badly out of his investment! I for one would love to see the Doug Ellis Stand renamed the Randy Stand – oooh err matron.
    Serious question – since you posted this the story has been reported by other sites. Is there any substance beh

  • If the American does come I fear that we will get a high profile name that has no understanding of English football. It would be typical of the US ego and machismo to go for a big international name rather than someone to do the job…..better to loose a

  • Or to put it another way, the only Randy americans I want to see at VP are cheerleaders (have you seen some of those girls?)

  • Randy Lerner would be a perfect Chairman he has taken the Browns from a old storied franchise back to the play offs in the last 3 years. From what I know of him over here he has placed smart intelligent people incharge. He takes chances with talent even

  • Let’s just hope that one of these rumours becomes reality…I’m sure Doris has a few bob put away, so maybe she is the mystery consortium backing Mr. Neville. Would prefer Mr. Neville to come in as he obviously cares about the Villa, but at the end of the

  • ” He is very much a hands off owner when it comes to everyday events with the club. He hires people and expects them to do their job without having to hold their hand.” YEA!!! Come on Randy, we’re waiting….

  • Hope is the one thing i rely on as a Villa fan, So i don’t think it’s a bad thing hyping up takeover stories, I just hope one of them turns out true.
    As for Klinnsmann, I don’t think he’d move to Brum. O’Neal’s the man!

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