Date: 4th October 2009 at 11:53am
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(Amendment… the following can be filed under a pile of pants… been told no truth at all)

Interesting report in the Sunday Express today suggesting that Randy Lerner has been talking to prospective investors in Aston Villa

The full article by Harry Pratt can be viewed: HERE

Basically the claim is that Randy is looking for ‘massive’ new investment in Villa so we can keep up with the massive financial input of Manchester City.

The report claims Randy has had talks with ‘several billionaire businessmen from the Far East’.

I’ve no idea if there is any substance in this report, I’ll certainly do my best to find out but the one thing I am sure of is Randy will do what is best for Villa. Now that might sound sycophantic but I don’t care, I have great faith in him and his board and obviously since he came in the rules of the game have once again shifted with even more ‘big money’ being invested at Manchester City. As Martin O’Neill said at the time, it is interesting to see but also disheartening when you are trying to build something.

I guess it isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that Randy is now thinking a further cash injection is what is needed to push Villa forward, we’ve been amongst the top spenders in the last two transfer windows but obviously that has been obliterated by the guys from City.

As always at Villa, interesting times! I’ll try to see if we can get some sort of clarification or denial on this report.