Date: 2nd August 2012 at 5:21pm
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ESPN are reporting that Randy Lerner has sold the Browns.

The report says initially $700m for a controlling stake with a second $300m due to follow.

Very nice!

Forum thread: Lerner to sell the Browns

Remember Villa CEO Paul Faulkner has said this won`t affect the Villa spreadsheet (and also rubbished sale of Villa rumours) see: Villa NOT Up For Sale

Paul told the Daily Star: ‘The Browns situation means absolutely nothing with regard to Aston Villa – neither good nor bad. The big point that people sometimes forget is that he inherited Cleveland – he bought Villa. Any rumours that he could be thinking about getting out or losing interest is nonsense.’


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  • If any of you think he’s going to re invest some of the money from the sale your sadly mistaken i’d say we be lucky if we got 5% from the sale put back in to the villa

  • I don’t think people do think that, having read the comments from the CEO as above. To be fair, that is Randy’s money, he can spend it how he wishes. Can’t hurt us to have a rich owner who has just become richer though and also, it frees him up to enjoy Villa more, instead of being split between two clubs and having two sets of stress. No idea how he did it, I’d not be able to handle owning one club, let alone two! Then again, the biggest commitment I’ve ever taken on in life is a bag for life (shouldn’t talk about the wife like that though!)

  • Agreed. I think there is more chance of some London museums benefitting that the club is. To be honest that’s fine by me, although I would hope that some of the money could be invested in various development projects that would generate a pay back over time, such as the North Stand for example. There is a difference between wanton spending on over rated underperforming players and investment into the future of the club to grow the business. More of the latter would be welcome, where and when required.

  • Don’t lets under-estimate the value of his undivided attention. There maybe more benefit to be gained from that than there is from a simple injection of cash.

  • A million dollars at todays exchange rates is only just under 650,000 quid so I don’t think Randy could spare much anyway…….

  • Pointless having a billionaire in charge if he wants to break even and isn’t going to invest. May aswell be Joe Bloggs from down the road.

  • I think if Lambert does well this season Randy will give him £20million a season again to build us up, this is my opinion also if Lambo goes to Rndy next season and says there is a player avbailable for £20million and its a player we need Randy would back him just like the Bent buy!

  • I agree with GLB. As indicated on the article about all the players in/out under Randolphs reign he has been more than generous in his financial support of our club. And as well as being the 4th biggest NET spending club since his arrival he has invested multi millions on the infrastructure of the club. If as supporters we had put our few quid in to fill the ground each week then we would currently have a 52,000 seat stadium to be proud of. Remember that Villa Park was to be the Olympic football location for the Midlands, but Randolph pulled out as he couldnt guarantee that the redevelopment work would have been completed in time. This project was postboned because we didn’t fill our ground regularly enough, despite all the money he has pumped into the club. In my eyes he has made two mistakes. He never controlled M’ON enough. He trusted him to deliver considering the huge financial support he gave him. M’ON failed to deliver. He then appointed the man who cannot be named. Randolph, only the fickle want you to spend without thought or concern for the future. If you can, invest in the infrastructure of the club. Hopefully you now have a manager who will spend more wisely than his predecessors. We dont want to be a club that spends above its means. We dont want to rely on a sugar daddy. Be a good custodian of our club and spend what we can afford, not what the irresponsible want. As long as the the correct manager is in charge the rest will all fall into place.

  • thank you voiceoftheholte i am fed up of reading comments about randy needs to invest more and about the mistake he made with eck in my opinion it shows why good character he has ready to take a chance and make big decisions when he got it wrong he got rid whats the problem? can anybody name me one chairman,manager, player or human being that has made a mistake in their life time? randy is a good chairman and has put ALOT into villa just look at our training ground one of the best in the country if not europe and now it seems he has got it right with PL. and if you you remember towards the end of the Houllier season we where starting to gel and play some good football but of course the old mans heart was weak and had to retire so if you ask me that was a decent appoint just shame he lost the dressing room so early

  • Black_villian / VOTH: 100% agree. In my dim witted view it is clear that many cannot see thewild spending of MON and embarassing ways he put players on the bench for no reason and certainly not footballing ones led to our top players losing interest and Randy was very naive but thankfully wealthy enough not to do a Leeds on us…his heart has always been in the right place and PL looks like being a great apponitment. Long may Randy continue and hopefully in the next five years with a bit of stability and success we can see raised attendances ensuring Villa Park is truly redeveloped into a 52,000 stadia. UTV. The 19th minute. Petrov rules.

  • Under the new fair play rules he would be stretched to get away with a huge investment used to buy players anyway. But like the majority I do not expect the owner to keep putting his hand in his pocket for overpaid players who choose when they want to perform and as for paying more attention to Villa I doubt it was the Browns that split Randys time more liklely the family reasons he gave including his young son and regardless of how much we love Villa family comes first.

  • Hope you’re right Clive Re: 20 mil per annum. He’ll be earning 4 times that in interest on his fortune and with no Browns to waste time on, you’d expect him to concentrate on us.

  • Black_villiian, you can’t count mate. 1 mistake!!! Employment of Eck, GH, not sacking Eck earlier, allowing Eck to buy Hutton, allowing MON to buy anyone he felt like, defying the fans countless times and ignoring their more knowledgeable advice. Some will never forgive him. I’m prepared to give him a chance but am not bending over like some of you. Forgive but don’t forget…

  • And koolbill, he’s tried to change our Claret and Blue to sky blue with a slight bit of claret ala the new crest that he wears on his ankle.

  • Yeah! And if William McGregor and Fred Rinder rose from the dead, took over the club, invested billions and won seven more FA Cups – you’d still be whining…. 🙂

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