Date: 31st May 2009 at 2:06pm
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Well, well, Randy Lerner has been a busy man in the press recently!

The last quotes suggest he sees Martin O’Neill as our long term manager and says he can see no reason why the manager would need to move on.

The Villa owner told the News of the World:

‘Can he realise his ambitions here? Yes. We must create a situation where he doesn’t feel the need to look elsewhere.’

And the People are quoting him also after links to the England job and the Manchester United job when Sir Alex Chewalot moves on:

‘He is in demand, but I expect Martin to be with Villa and I don’t see beyond that expectation. I don’t think about speculation with other clubs, I think about him with Villa. He is an ambitious man, but that’s what you want.’

He also says that players like Ashley Young picking up the PFA Young Player of the Year award shows Villa are moving forward adding:

‘Individual awards are stepping stones to team accolades and part of the slowly, slowly philosophy we are trying to build.’

‘Next season we just want to try to come back stronger.’


3 Replies to “Randy Says Martin O’Neill Is For Keeps”

  • O`neill has got it made at villa and he knows it,The odd bit of booing is his biggest problem.Unless one of the top 4 or man city come in for him then where else can he go anyway?

  • deano, that just about sums up the apathy of a section of Villa fans (I use that term loosely) that drag us down. Most reasonable sane peole are looking up, but you are looking down. Life is simple. Always look up to see how far you have to go. Don’t look back to see how far you have come. We are chasing top 4, you are looking at Stoke.

  • Dont patronise me fear. His point is valid????? Only in your opinion!!! But that doesn’t surprise me because it is often the ‘trinity roaders’ who are only heard when saying something negative. I think it is now inbuilt in to the psyche of users of that stand.I offer my opinion. I don’t really give a monkeys if others agree with it or not. What I don’t need is rubbish like that. You seemed happy enough to bang the same drum day after day, week after week, month after month, when you were unhappy with Ellis. There is only one on a high horse here fella and very rarely do more posters disagree with my point of view than agree. And if I have felt I am wrong I have always come back on here to say so. Humility isn’t a bad thing to have though!! If I am on a high horse I bet I have a better view than you. That may be because you can’t see much when you are up your own backside :o)

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