Date: 12th July 2018 at 11:07am
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Social media can be a weird, wonderful, humorous and downright degrading place I’ve had to discover this season but it also appears to lend itself incredibly easily to innocent, but ill thought out (or timed), tweets.

The Birmingham Mail confirmed on Wednesday that following earlier speculation about the Brookvale parking site, our owner had now taken on another loan using that piece of property as security as he continues to scramble to provide short-term cash injections that carry with it the potential for long-term catastrophic results.

I’m sure many of you remember the programme Father Ted, Father Jack had a particular line that I shouldn’t repeat here but bare it in mind – actually a few of them apply in many ways.

Dr Tony Xia in his statement told us that we had ‘no bank debt’ as if it was soothing information and should reassure us that we were debt free even.

Chant it with me!

No bank debt – other kinds of debt exist, we’re past the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause stage of life (some of us at least!).

In any event, according to the Mail we haven’t ‘factored’ away Brookvale, we’ve used it as security on a presumed £4million loan from Puma Lending LTD (they are not a bank!). The £4million is an assumption based on it’s expected valuation as a site – so likely less in reality.

We now have a new company to watch – 1874 Developments Limited. Xia and Tracy Gu are the two listed directors there.

Now bare that latest development in mind when you think of the following tweet yesterday from the club.

Fair enough it leans on the fact there was a coming Andre Green interview, but with everything going on off the pitch added to fans becoming aware of the above, it didn’t go down well.

We’re waiting to see if the club will be ready for the new season mostly.

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