Date: 12th July 2018 at 11:07am
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Social media can be a weird, wonderful, humorous and downright degrading place I’ve had to discover this season but it also appears to lend itself incredibly easily to innocent, but ill thought out (or timed), tweets.

The Birmingham Mail confirmed on Wednesday that following earlier speculation about the Brookvale parking site, our owner had now taken on another loan using that piece of property as security as he continues to scramble to provide short-term cash injections that carry with it the potential for long-term catastrophic results.

I’m sure many of you remember the programme Father Ted, Father Jack had a particular line that I shouldn’t repeat here but bare it in mind – actually a few of them apply in many ways.

Dr Tony Xia in his statement told us that we had ‘no bank debt’ as if it was soothing information and should reassure us that we were debt free even.

Chant it with me!

No bank debt – other kinds of debt exist, we’re past the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause stage of life (some of us at least!).

In any event, according to the Mail we haven’t ‘factored’ away Brookvale, we’ve used it as security on a presumed £4million loan from Puma Lending LTD (they are not a bank!). The £4million is an assumption based on it’s expected valuation as a site – so likely less in reality.

We now have a new company to watch – 1874 Developments Limited. Xia and Tracy Gu are the two listed directors there.

Now bare that latest development in mind when you think of the following tweet yesterday from the club.

Fair enough it leans on the fact there was a coming Andre Green interview, but with everything going on off the pitch added to fans becoming aware of the above, it didn’t go down well.

We’re waiting to see if the club will be ready for the new season mostly.

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6 Replies to “Ready For The New Season – Isn’t That The Question Dr Tony Xia Needs To Answer”

  • 12 years ago 90% of villains got there wish, D/D was gone all the banners, chants, Ellis out Ellis out. was a reality, in stepped lerner full of enthusiasm pumping in money, hand over fist for M/O not all well spent Davies,Harewood to name but 2. then spit his dummy and leave when funds dried up. and R/L to lose interest. Now in comes the Dr, full of promises of promotion and champions league in 5 years, total BS, well car park been traded, training ground next, then probably a loan against our stadium, enough is enough DTX sell up and go and im not being fickle I just dont trust you, the one thing with Sir Deadly is, the man was villa villa villa its in his veins, and for one wished he still owned the club now, what did driving ellis out achieve, 2 cup runners up, and a few top 6 finishes, but most of all relegation and our club in ruin, i for one apologise Sir Doug the grass is always not greener.

  • Never look back,the same applies to where Avfc is now,there are a lot of factors still to come.
    Xia , is on borrowed time, he will never be seen at AV again, his puppets will disappear like a puff
    Of smoke, the storm of hell always turns in on its self. This Armeggedon is because the club, never
    Gets the right man management it needs, The only time it did was Ron Saunders.

  • I do think that some of this criticism of Dr Tony is over the top. We were all happy when he came in and he has funded the club for 2 years.
    Based on advice and expectations from fans, he tried to ” buy ” promotion with an experienced manager and players who ‘ had done it before ‘. Yes we came close but, quite frankly, the quality of football over last season was not what it should have been and that was not down to the owner.
    Dr Tony did gamble, yes, from the day that he realized that funds from China were going to dry up. For several months he continued to fund as he could in order not to reduce our chances of promotion which would have solved the current cash problem.
    I believe it was always his intention to raise more finance, probably public, to get to stages 2 & 3.

    • Sorry mate, I normally tend to agree with you. ‘All’ happy is an overstatement. Plenty were granted, especially when he started tweeting, but we had Bird’s Nest BS from day 1 that was rolled back, nobody could actually find out about his background, then Millennium Films falling down etc etc. I’d say on Vital Villa we were neutral, praising when it was appropriate to because he remains an unknown. We’ve criticised the tweeting for example previously before this blew up as it was a little too much ‘Love Island’ I want your adoration and plenty gave it to him based him saying nothing more than hello.

      Advice from fans – there you are having a laugh, the SCG has become pointless and paid lip service to as proven by the latest ‘fans can pay for the away scheme to bypass fans who have built up an away record over the last 5+ years’. Despite the claim of consultation, it didn’t happen based on what I was told. The club went for quicker money and bugger the long-term fans. Expectation of the fans, I can only judge who I speak to in life and on here – only a minority thought we’d go back at the first attempt – Xia coming out with the guff he did and adding that pressure, especially 2017/18 ‘failure’ given the atmosphere around the club shows he does not get the sport, the club or understand. I said it from day 1, anything but promotion is failure – was a joke. You talk about quality of football and not being the owners fault, yes it is partially. We were still repairing the atmosphere. We’d tightened up and gained confidence, then Mr Xia says they are all failures unless we get promotion. We’re not at 100% mentally, so he puts the pressure on and fans are surprised we play defensively (even though Bruce is a defensive manager in the main as safety first). We let the shackles off and we looked good last year, but it rarely happened. I think it would’ve happened more had the owner not set the bar so high for his own purposes. Those purposes are now clear, he can’t fund us, he can’t dine out on us, he can’t save face, he can’t protect his reputation and the only thing he hasn’t factored yet are used shirts and the only thing he hasn’t taken a loan out on (where’s his cash?) is Villa Park itself – which is actually charged to HSBC by a filing BTW when I read ‘all titles, property etc’ – but we’re safe on that score because we don’t have BANK debt.

      I agree the change in Chinese regulations possibly cut his legs from under him…fine be a man now.

      You say you think he wanted rounds of investment anyway – never going to be public for a start – others think he wanted to flip us, take the profit and the PR.

      Now we’ll never know.

  • Agree ‘ all’ may be an overstatement but only slight.
    My comment ” advice and expectation ” meant advice from his management team ( to buy promotion via experience ) AND expectations from the fans to get promotion and asap.
    I think that he did plan to go public at a later date but that really is immaterial now.
    The change in Chinese regulations was real and he tried to keep things going until the play off final – that was his gamble.

    • Good God I don’t half ramble on! Sorry, misread, I thought you meant ‘advice’ pertaining to speaking to fans and the SCG group etc – sorry for that dude. They’ve been sadly rendered irrelevant based on recent decisions.

      Yup actual intent we’ll never know now 100%, but yes, regulation changes that were unforeseen have certainly played their own part – that’s something he can’t be criticised for but difficult not to wonder if it’s possibly sped up the inevitable though.

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