Date: 8th March 2006 at 4:12pm
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Looks like the fans are actually very realistic!

Vital Villa asked, where will Villa finish this season in a poll suggested by Aronno7.

10% say it is all doom and gloom and that Villa will be relegated.

21% are more optimistic saying we will be safe – just. A massive 40% think we’ll finish in the bottom half of the table. So basically 61% say safe but in the lower regions of the Prem.

14% tip us to have a mid table finish and a further 4% say top half.

That leaves 11% saying we will get Uefa Cup qualification.

So there you are David O’Leary, just 11% of fans are demanding Europe this season. Looks realistic to me.


2 Replies to “Realism From All But 11%”

  • Big admiration to those either ever optomistic people who predicted European qualification or are they totally mad, depends on your opinion I suppose!

  • We all know what the problem is with Villa, or rather who the problem is. While we spend time moaning about the tactics and manager the architect of our misery is getting away scot free. DOL is hardly the worlds best manager but he’s ok, probably a little

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