Date: 20th January 2007 at 6:20pm
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Refunds available to confused fans.

It seems that some fans have got confused and find themselves down at Villa Park during match days despite so obviously not supporting Aston Villa.

These confused fans believe that to support the team you have to boo them at every opportunity, criticise the manager for making changes and to lambaste any player in claret and blue.

I believe that the club are more than willing to help these confused fans by offering them refunds and a map to Small Heath so they can join their brethren at the Sty.

A spokesman for the club wasn’t heard to say that the booing fans are about as much as a bag of manure for a man without a garden.


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  • Typical Premiership fans said a (League team supporter) mate to me. Rubbish supporters. Good gate but we do not need to these type of fans. Is it a fact that the good ‘ol boys of yesteryear (and I mean only as far back as the mid 80’s) do not go down anymore? Get behind the manager and the board because you will not get any better. Rubbish Villa Fans, 3/10 MUST DO BETTER!!!

  • I can agree that we have got to get behind the team, and every fan to a man was cheering – singing and shouting support for our team.

    Then there is the flip side. After watching useless player after useless tackle, shot, pass and failed header I certainly wasn’t gonna to be a physcopant and clap the players off at half time. They got a boo because they bloody deserved a boo! Worst Villa performance I have seen for years. Some serious spending needed to be done and I still feel the Young deal isnt in the bag.

  • The irony is that these same ‘fans’ are the ones who also come out of the woodwork when the team wins a few games…total nonsense. Fairly decent attendance though which is kinda good news.

  • I suppose booing is a personal thing, some people will boo as a matter of course, even when the team is winning, it takes all sorts, is it Indefencable no but its not mandatory either.

  • Wonder how many fans left with 5 mins to go at nil-nil ? The players may be average as a whole, but we have a top manager and a monied and enlightened board. In front of my (League One team supporting)mate I felt embarrassed.

  • I can never understand why people leave before the end? They should lock the gates until the ref blows,i mean,where the hell you gotta go???? If you buy yer ticket,take it all in people !!!!

  • On the flip side to the boo-brigade though, there’s a young couple (mid-20’s I’d say) who travel up from Liskeard, Cornwall, every single home game, week in, week out, no matter what the weather etc.etc. Not season ticket holders, but sit always in our vicinity. True fans/loyal fans. Puts all other non attendeed to shame, no matter where they reside. Personally dont mind the booers, moaners and jeerers. At least they’re putting in an appearance. Takes all sorts.

  • here we go again, was just about to let rip about the proven effects of negative v positive reinforcement on sportsmen, but I am absolutely sick of repeating it, If the boo boys havn’t stopped by now, they either don’t truly support the team, don’t want them to do well, or are just so F*****G stupid that they dont understand common sense and proven fact. you booboy a***holes are affecting the performance of a team I and many others love, we pay good money to watch our team perform, and you are making it a negative experience, get behind them or shut it, whichever, I dont care, you make me sick, and if thats classed as a personal attack, so be it

  • Pike: To answer your question, hundreds, if not thousands did and they are so bloody annoying, stopping on the way out every time they hear a shout go up, standing up in front of us who are still trying to watch the game, ignorant b******s!!

  • yea those poor hundreds of Liverpool fans who left the european cup final match while 3-0 down missed something special.
    That should teach them

  • what a load of rubbish

    fans boo because they are frustrated with the poor play on the pitch and the seriously bad play of some players. I don’t agree with it and wouldn’t do it but to suggest those that do aren’t true supporters is typical of the small and restricted brain ability of fans who make such comments.
    Not everyone has been converted to the new Faith, in fact I’d say few really are having seen us go from a top six team to relegation fodder.
    Sure long term it will be sorted but as I write Bardsley remains the only new player in, our squad is smaller than ever and we were awful yesterday and only saved face with 4 minutes to go and then via an own goal.

  • Nothing to do with the new faith at all avfc48, I think that possibly over half of the team are simply not good enough for Villa, they are not the level of player we need if we want to achieve what we all want to achieve.

    It is no good having a mini metro to race against a porsche but if you put them together it is no good having a go at the metro because it would be clear it wasn’t good enough.

    I don’t think there were any of our players yesterday not trying, it was just an ugly match, they were at sixes and sevens (is that not also down to coaching and formations etc, not sure, difficult for MON to get the blend right when the team balance is out and he’s not been able to really bring in what he wants).

    I booed last season because some of the highly paid players looked like they coudln’t give a *****, they were strolling around and were just totally not at the races.

    This season they have tried, even the likes of Davis who for me has gone backwards, is still trying his best to put it in, therefore I don’t see the use of booing.

    I would only boo when I 100% feel they players don’t care or aren’t trying, I don’t think that has been the case once this season and if it had been I think MON would have dropped them despite not having that many options.

    We are at the bottom of the hill, with Randy, MON, some new arrivals and passionate fans, we can climb that hill, whilst we are undergoing the transitional period I just think we could all help by moaning less and cheering more. OR do we all expect it to be handed to us on a plate and then we’ll support the team?

    The article wasn’t having a go at anyone on this site, one of my good mates (spitty boy) was a booer yesterday, just a difference of opinion.

    Seems there is too much doom at the moment when we are only just starting this new chapter.

    Hope that is a bit clearer as to what the feck I was on about, possibly just have to agree to disagree on this, I concede without a second thought, that the fans have the right to do whatever they wish, you pay your money and take your choice, but yesterday I just felt *****ed off that the lads were booed off.

  • avfc48, “but to suggest those that do aren’t true supporters is typical of the small and restricted brain ability of fans who make such comments” In my post I think you will find the quote was “they either don’t truly support the team, don’t want them to do well, or are just so F*****G stupid that they dont understand common sense and proven fact” I stand by that. I have laid it out in laymans terms, in black and white on many occasions, It is only because I know this subject backwards and have spent years doing research that I make such statements. BOOBOYS MAKE THE PLAYERS PLAY WORSE, is that simple enough for everyone? I pay money to watch and support my/our team, it is like a fan running on the pitch and attaching weights to the player to slow him down, would you stand there and not say/do anything to try and stop them sabotaging your team week in week out,? letting the team know and hear your dissatisfaction at the end of a match is fine, the performance is over, but at half time or during play is counter productive and can loose us games it realy is that simple.

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