Date: 30th July 2012 at 9:21am
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I get a bit bored of this. Do they want the other three stands worth of fans to just not bother turning up?

The Holte End has been a flop for the last few seasons, if they don`t sing sh*t on the city, they don`t sing full stop. And yet you would think it is the only stand at Villa Park.

I sit in the Trinity and make as much noise as possible, fair enough, it isn`t the noisiest stand, but it is full of loyal, passionate fans. But you have to doff your cap to the North Stand, especially Lower, they are the smaller group but they are the ones who have tried to make the noise over the last few seasons in the absense of the Holte End boys.

I struggle to remember the last time anyone came out with any humour or any originality. Maybe this season will be different. The noise we make away from home gets us much praise from the oppo fans, we could do that at home as well, if we stopped obsessing about the other lot in the City and sang in support of our own team!

Darren Bent must have had his headphones on as he`s told the official site that the Holte End were 100% behind them last season. Half of them weren`t there, the other half were downstairs having a pint! It was silent and very depressing.

He`s right though, if they can get the buzz back on the field us fans will also respond:

‘It’s a great place to play football at Villa Park. But last season our home form let us down and we need to improve on that this season. We want fans to wake up and think ‘yes it’s matchday, we’re off to Villa Park.’

Adding, in an interview with Paul Brown at,

‘I know there’s a new campaign around where fans are being encouraged to really unite in the Holte End, with scarves and balloon and things like that. I am all for it! It’s all good fun, it creates an added atmosphere in the stadium and the lads would love it. I know last season was difficult for the Villa fans. At times we weren’t playing the best but I am sure this season it will be better.’

So, an end to sh*t on the city and a few new songs then maybe?!


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  • Totally agree. The Holte End ( of which I am one) has become full of negativity in recent times. The only regular songs are those that are anti Small Heath. Lets try to support our team in a positive way. Remember the days when we had a different song for every one of our players? As they warmed up before the start of the game, the crowd would start their rendition of a musical who’s who. The players recognised their own songs and waived in appreciation. Let’s all make a noise FOR our team and not waste our energy and voices on denigrating our neighbours!

  • Fear: spot on. yes there are many in the Trinity whio make little noise but give ’em something to cheer and they do. The Holte? Agreed almost nothing last season for long periods and **** on the city is so boring and pointless. Why mention them? Support your team, don’t care about the other lot. Regarding Bent’s comments, it simply shows unthinking platitudes are being spoken with little thought. This is what they want me to say: here it is.

  • Good, not just me then! Agree Nat999 should be singing songs for all our players, what better way to show our support and what better way to spur them on!?

  • “He’s Here He’s There – He’s all around the square Andy Gray, Andy Gray”……takes me back to when if you didnt want to sing all you had to do was stamp your feet in the Trinity !

  • sick of singing about the noses, they have never and will never have nothing on us. They know their place in the food chain of football and are rapidly sliding down it. We have bigger fish to fry so why constantly bang on about it? why constantly sing about a team that are forever going to be in our shadow? We need new we need loud and we need fun

  • Ah, the stamping of the feet in the old Trinity, beautiful stand, that should have been a listed building!

  • We have a sweepstake where I sit as to how many minutes it will take the Holte to start their obsession about the neighbours across the city who should not even enter our heads unless we are playing them! Usually within five mins!

  • Well I reckon we will hear the new Doing The Lambert Walk being sung. Official lyrics should be posted on all Villa fan sites so where ever Villa fans log on, they can familiarise themselves with the words. Infact if anyone has a good new song they should be encouraged to get it posted to all Villa fan sites.

  • Lets slag off the Holte End for singing Anti Small Heath songs because it deflects attention away from the most pitifully quiet stands going. The fans in the Trinity and Witton Lane need to take a long hard look at themselves. They contribute nothing in terms of vocal support and are more often than not (in the Trinity)involved with spats with whoever is the manager at the time. The only time you hear them is when they are moaning. I agree that there needs to be more originality in the Holte and less about our lowly neighbours. The Holte End will do their bit, but the Witton and Trinity Road haven’t added anything to the vocal support of the club for years. It is embarrassing. So get off the high horses about not liking songs that the Holte End sing. The easy solution is to start songs that you like. But no, the Trinity Roaders resort to type and simply complain. The Trinity and Witton are either moaning or silient. How about everybody just giving vocal support. HE TR WL and NS. We are all Villa fans. Lets all of us do our bit. The Holte end is tradionally the most vocal end, it doesn’t mean that everybody has to keep quiet does it??? And as for saying we used to bang our feet on the wooden boards . . . get over it. A football used to have laces in it. Those days have long gone. Stop looking back. Start looking forward. Stop worrying about things we can’t change and start working on things we can. We are all Villa. we should ALL sing. Up the Villa. The 19th Minute.

  • A song for every player again would be great. I guess we need to believe in the players to want to make songs up for them. Still shocks and amazes me that it took leukemia to get everyone to sing for Stan. He was our club captain for how long? First time I remember hearing his name sung was the game he was in the stands just after his diagnosis. Is there a songs thread in the forums? Can we push it if there is / start one if there isn’t. I I know the words I will sing any song providing I don’t find it too offensive. Even anti Blues songs as I feel some noise is better than no noise. Would prefer to sing Villa songs though.

  • Fear I agree with you about the pathetic obsession with the blues but also agree with VOTH regarding the other stands. Only the lower North stand add anything the flanks of the gound are beyond quiet and if a chant doesn’t start in the Holte or lower North we just have silence.

  • City who?? There’s not been much to sing about recently and I can’t moan at people for making some noise even if it’s not about how great we are. Things will change this year with Lambert in charge.

  • The HOlte has been pathetic for years Voice, you know it if you are honest mate, you are as angry as me at the lack of atmosphere. The blues obsession is embarrassing, they should not even register on our scale, not unless we are playing them. The Holte is always called the vocal stand but it just isn’t anymore. Maybe fans can start again, but then, when some of us tried to get things going, we got slagged off !

  • I know Fear. The Holte has been poor. But it does occasionally get going and it will be a different proposition this season. The Trinity now has as many seats as the Holte and should play its part. Any fans that moan because someone starts singing simply need to be told to jog on. They are at a football match, not a library. Sing and be proud and give the finger to any kill joys. I may even change me seat on a game or two to get down by you Fear and I will give the moaners something to moan at.

  • We do AdzVilla. We go FOR VILLA… not for anti blues! Blues should not register at all with us.

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