Date: 15th February 2006 at 12:10pm
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The official site have informed Aston Villa supporters that a new Residents’Parking Zone scheme will come into operation from our game against Portsmouth on Saturday 4th March.

The statement explains:

‘The scheme prohibits on-street parking in the roads surrounding Villa Park on match days. Large roadside signs will inform you that you are entering the zone, and will also indicate the date on which the scheme is operative.

Birmingham City Council intend to enforce compliance with the scheme by means of fixed penalty tickets and vehicle removals. We would point out that the scheme is not in any way controlled or administered by the club. It is an arrangement between the council and the residents.’

Oh joy, more bedlam. Why aren’t the Council of Birmingham proud to have such a fantastic club within it’s boundaries? And what other arrangements have they made for match day traffic? Absolutely none knowing the council!


9 Replies to “Residents Zone To Cause Havoc”

  • It’s a discrace. I like so many others have parked in the same spot for years. Never had any trouble, no moaning from resisdents and its saved me a fortune (money which can then be spent in the ground or the club shop). Yet another step in driving the

  • I always park in the leisure centre. It costs £6. The main problem about the place is getting out of it at the end of the game. It can add up to an hour on to my journey. The match against Q.P.R. , in the league cup, last season the police refused to supe

  • exactly what happened at pompey, expect it to be heavily patrolled with parkies. takes u slike 2 hours to find a spot the carpark is going to be iCompletely full No Suprise !!!!


  • Its typical of this country and now its local governance. If the locals cant handle some match traffic on match day then why live their? Half of the estates around Villa Park are council property anyhow which the Villa Fan tax payer is paying for anyhow!

  • Unbeleivable,it seems football fans and motorists are fair game for anything when it comes to the council and goverment

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