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Few points before the article…

1) I`m not anti Steve Bruce. I wanted him here and I`ve supported him, by and large, throughout (that doesn`t mean you can`t criticise at times btw)
2) I love wins. We won yesterday. I`m delighted.
3) I wish Steve had been as delighted instead of having yet another hissy fit, like he had a few months back.

It was a great and oh so needed win v Boro then Steve Bruce gets all defensive about the mass hysteria at the club.

You know, sometimes you can just be positive even if you are feeling you have a massive chip on your shoulder?

All he had to say was ‘That was a crucial win and we are so pleased, having not win in a while, to have delivered the win to our fantastic fans and hopefully we can now push on again and get back into the top six.` Not difficult is it?

It`s important to point out he has praised fans numerous times so I`m not going to be ultra sensitive about things, but this ‘lets not lurch around into all of a sudden feeding frenzy of crisis` is just wrong.

Steve, it`s a big club. If it is too big for you, be honest, just say. ONE win in SIX games. That, at a big club, IS a crisis. We`ve not been commanding in most games during his time here anyway, so I think some supporters like me (a supporter of Bruce as well btw) are a bit disappointed that we`ve not pushed on from winning ugly, to maybe starting to get more confident and playing slightly more attacking football.

Yes, injuries. Sorry though, most clubs have to put up with that, we aren`t alone. We still have enough fit players to be playing less ‘handbrake football` and to not be outplayed by Brentford or bore drawing (with some luck our way not to lose, plus great keeping) v the likes of Millwall.

He said on ‘The response from the other night was vitally important. We lurch along, we played badly against Brentford second half and all of a sudden we’re in crisis. We have to eradicate that as a club. We can’t be just going along quite nicely and then we’re in crisis. We’ve seen today this is a division which throws up results which leave people scratching their heads at. Let us get on with the job in hand.’

Does he really think one bad half v Brentford is why fans, the owner and CEO have been unhappy? Really Steve?

This is just insulting. Insulting to us, the fans. Insulting to the few press who picked up on it (most get on with him and for some reason seem scared to express any critique at all) and certainly insulting to the owner and CEO.

And yes, if he is saying we need to eradicate this, he is having a go at Tony Xia for talking about the disaster of December and Keith Wyness for saying they are asking all the hard questions and all leave has been cancelled.

And ‘going along quite nicely?’. How does he work that out? We crashed out of the top six. That’s not my idea of going along nicely.

Again, one win in six Steve. ONE WIN… one. Dropping out of the top six, a club with this good a squad (partly assembled by the manager) IS deemed a crisis. If we don`t get up this season, the final parachute payment is ‘tiny` at around £14million and this club will have to radically change how it goes about things. That could well mean normal staff finding they are given their P45`s and some of the bigger paid players having to depart.

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And to be admitting he only played Elphick because Whelan was ill, well for me that was plain daft.


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  • To be fair I read it as Elphick was also ill but had to play because Whelan was also ill and Jedinak had to play in midfield.

  • I’ve tried, I’ve really tried, to get behind Bruce and give him some slack. But I am totally sick and tired of his post-match nonsense. After 850-odd games as a manager, how is it that he can so badly read the mood of the fans? We are far from ‘going alon

  • I think Fear when you were writing this I was pounding the keyboard with a similar view point on an earlier article. Fully agree with everything. Basically does he not think we don’t remember that because the results in Aug and Sep were dismal, the result

  • well done bruce. we are in the top 6 (points wise). remit accomplished phase 1. was always going to be messy. phase 2, in 2018 we really have to get behind the team and the manager (critical 6 months, so much to play for. its a lottery arena the premier l

  • I like the guy, he’s a decent bloke and you can see it’s effected him greatly, but he must also see that we play shocking football 90% of the time even when we win, and I know it’s a results game, but the thousands that travel all over should be allowed s

  • I do partly agree with him, whenever we drop points there is a massive over reaction and some resort to silly name calling. However Bruce isnt doing himself any favours by biting back, if he is upset then send Calderwood out to talk to the media – plenty

  • I also wanted SB here and was delighted with 3 points yesterday and hoping for the same tomorrow. But very angry with his comments and sorry to annoy you Mr Bruce but I am not shutting up. Having been going down for the last 25 years I have never booed th

  • Bruce does have history of these little hissy moods he suffers from. He was the same with the fans when he was at Sunderland – I saw it on Twitter earlier this morning….. I’ll see if I can find it.
    He isn’t going to change, a leopard doesn’t change hi

  • if bruce had come out and said i played elfick and jedi as whelan needed a rest we would have a bit more confidence in him,,,
    bruce to be fair has never said we are the finished article and injuries have cost us dear,,,
    where would we be today if ter

  • Can’t proclaim the only aim for the season is promotion and on the back of a run of results (not one game) then bitch about expectations.

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