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Rob Bishop – “Look how far Aston Villa have come under Dean Smith.” Top Interview


Our new writer, Liam Bryan, from youtube channel Total Villan (@TotalVillan) has done an interview with Freelance Programme Editor for Aston Villa and former Birmingham Mail Journalist Rob Bishop.

Rob is the Guvnor as far as I am concerned, a tip top bloke, and someone with so much knowledge of Aston Villa – which is a good thing as he’s written several books about our beloved club.

Over to Liam Bryan:

For another edition of Life Stories. We spoke about Rob’s friendship with Graham Taylor, how he upset Brian Little and how Franz Beckenbauer nearly joined Aston Villa.

It is an insightful, entertaining watch so hope you enjoy watching it and please, if you could like the video and subscribe that would be much appreciated.

With a fascinating interview with former Aston Villa player and manager, Brian Little, to be released very soon then subscribe to Total Villan on YouTube today so you don’t miss out.

The nice thing with Liam’s videos is he is looking to do something different, not just talk the Villa, but talk about the characters ‘behind’ our club.

Rob talks with loads of passion about the club and it is lucky he is good at that, because he is lousy around the house! Rob rates the players and covers the question between playing entertaining football and getting results.

As Rob says

“Just consider where we were when he came on, and where we are now.”

“It’s terrific to watch……” And as so many of us felt who write, or cover the Villa, the relegation season got to the stage where it was no longer enjoyable, it really was just a really was horrible to watch.”

Give it a listen, great interview.

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