Date: 20th November 2006 at 9:53am
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In a poll suggested by Newman, we asked what striker you would like to see at Villa.

An overwhelming 49% voted for Spurs striker, who sat on the bench yesterday, Robbie Keane. Villa were close to signing him from Wolves many moons back only for John Gregory to change his mind after viewing him several times and seeing average performances. As JG said, he wasn’t the only one who made the error of not grabbing him!

20% voted for Italian striker Antonio Cassano, currently out of favour at Real Madrid.

15% fancied Dean Ashton from West Ham. Ashton, currently sidelined with an injury, moved from Norwich to the Hammers in the summer.

10% voted for often linked to us Spurs striker Jermain Defoe leaving just 4% wanting Freddy Eastwood from Southend United.

Amazingly only 2% voted for Manchester United striker Alan Smith.

Our latest poll asks if you miss the local derby with Small Heath.


16 Replies to “Robbie Keane Fans Favourite?”

  • I voted for Robbie but realistically Spurs are more likely to let Defoe leave, and I’d be happy with him too.

  • Defoe and Keene are fairly similar players. Keene probably has better finishing.. Defoe probably has more ability to create something from nothing. Either of them would be a great signing for you.

  • Would be a bit hard to see us spend a fortune on keane when we could have had him for £6 million. Excellent player though and he would link up well with Gabby and Petrov

  • Maybe I am going against the grain but I do not think I would be keen (no pun intended) on eithe Keane or Defoe. Vassell has a significantly better international strike rate the Defoe. Keane seems to start with a bang at every club he has been but has no

  • agreed (for once) with voiceof id rather have one luca toni and no spuds rejects, although I imagine he can pick and choose where he plays.

  • some bad news (IMHO) I have a source who believes that we are on the verge of signing (hurts me to say it) Mathew Upson. I find it hard to beleive as we have good youngsters in that area and need to strengthen other areas first but its a pretty good sourc

  • Agreed tyler that would be a strange one. With Cahill and Ridgewell playing so well, I can’t see why we’d need another centre half. We need full backs really

  • i would suggest that its the spine of the team that needs addressing first. I.e. forwards and centre backs. I agree with the comments that cahill and ridgewell are playing well, but to challenge for a top 4 place you need players that can get into a top 4

  • He’s a proven goalscorer, having netted goals wherever he’s been. He’s the type of finisher we’ve long been crying out for. Hope that we are in for him come January, as I definitely believe that MON would have little trouble persuading him to chance his a

  • I could see keane fitting in well with the villa style of play..not sure the spurs boys would be happy to let him go though…only one who shows any fight at times…

  • I am glad that we agree tyls. As for Upson, we have three right sided centre halfs, Laursen (when fit), Olly and Cahill. We have one left sided centre half, Ridgewell, who has performed brilliantly this season. It stands to reason that we need competitio

  • i think we need 2 of the strikers provided
    Keane and cassano… keane because he can score loads of goals and cassano (doubt it that we will get him) because he is young and has lots of potential and i think could cut it in the prem…. And the Upson rou

  • Keane is not a 20+ goal striker! Never has been and never will be. Still need cover for McCann and a right sided midfielder and a goal scoring machine. I’ll leave in Martins capable hands. Enough said. What about about Van derVaart – he could be tempted

  • Its obvious that while we all disagree on the names of the players we should be looking at, we’re all in full agreement that at least one new striker is needed.

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